The Expanse Podcast 3×04 | Ty Franck and Wes Chatham About Liz

I watched a couple of The Expanse podcasts and I am uploading here the parts where Ty Franck (writer/showrunner )and Wes Chatham (Amos) talk about “the angelic” Elizabeth.😇

Ty is so right about her. She’s angelic, warm, kind and all of this radiates off of her and it’s even more shocking when she plays someone who is angry, upset or even evil. Having that personality and being able to act so effectively in these kinds of scenes make her even more marvellously breathtaking. 😍

I also love what they say about Anna and her relationship with her wife.  You can have that only if you’ve been together for a very long time. It’s a blessing if you have someone who is able to knock you out of a whirl you put yourself into, where you wallow in self-pity, and your fear or your rage or your insecurity don’t let you see things clearly. I love that Ty said that it’s a surprisingly self-absorbed for Anna, because she is not even herself in this situation. ❤️