Witch Hunt & First Kill | Video Interview

The interviews keep popping up, guys! YAY!

This is a new video interview that Liz did to promote “Witch Hunt”, but she also talks a little bit about “First Kill”.

I laughed at the story about Liz treating her family as helpers when she has guests. Well I guess it’s what we all do, I mean I do the same. And seriously those twins were gonna eat all the pancakes. LOL!

She’s right, women like Martha are those who are on the right side of history and we need to see more heroes like her that can inspire real people to make a change. There’s so much to work on. So thankful to have Liz in so many roles like that.

I love the idea of Witch Hunt being timeless. It kinda felt that way. I think it gives more horror/suspense vibes.

Liz did research and studied a little bit of witchcraft because she was fascinated as well. In my head I hear “phesmatos incendia”

“If you believe that you’re telling the truth, the audience does too”. Yep, that’s what makes the whole difference.

Margot is good to other vampires but not so good to humans… Well, in a vampire show we all root for vampires. So no problem! 🙂 I love the description Liz gave of her.

The release date of the show should be around February 2022. Cannot wait!