Witch Hunt | Sitges Festival in Barcelona

Witch Hunt is screening tomorrow (October 8), on the 9th and on the 17th at Sitges Festival in Barcelona (Spain). 🤗

Thank you @margarita_ita_ita_ for the heads-up and all the info about the festival. 🙏

Marga told me that it’s a very famous festival in Spain and it’s only about scifi and horror movies, which is awesome! I hope it gets sold in Europe. 🤞It’s such an impactful movie and I wish more people to see it and Elizabeth is purely extraordinary. 😍

If you are in the US, you can see it in theaters and on demand now.

The DVD region 1 (US/Canada) is coming out on November 8, while we already have a region 2 DVD (UK release).

I was thinking about what Liz said (see the previous post)… She did her hair and make-up for the movie. A wonderful job. There is nothing she can’t do. Precious. ❤️