Formidable Woman Magazine With Elizabeth

This info was posted on Facebook on October 19, but the magazine is not available yet.
Elizabeth is featured on the cover of “Formidable Woman Magazine”.

Don’t get confused, the photo is from 10 years ago (at least it’s different from the usual one) but the interview is NEW!

This is what they wrote:

“Meet our FWM Fall 2021 Cover Girl, Elizabeth Mitchell!

Angelina Jolie’s lover in “Gia” transitioned from her Emmy-nominated role in JJ Abrams’ “Lost” into the Ice Queen role on “Once Upon a Time.”

She currently stars as lead protagonist in Season 2 of Netflix’s top-rated original series, “Outer Banks” and another Netflix original from producer Emma Roberts, “First Kill.”

She also joins legends Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, and Ann-Margret in “Queen Bees” and stars in and produced the SXSW indie feature, “Witch Hunt” (October 1st Theatrical & VOD Release)”

Well she is not the lead protagonist on Outer Banks but a recurring role and she is a wonderful antagonist. 💥


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