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This is the interview Liz did for Formidable Magazine where she’s also on the cover. You can buy the mag at this link:

I got my copy in the mail last week. 🤗

I can only add a few parts in the caption here, swap right to read the full interview or the transcription on my site.

I love her fav roles… I’d add Erica “bada$$” Evans in the mix and I kind of think that Margot will be in my top 3 pretty soon. 🧛🏼‍♀️


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Superstar Elizabeth Mitchell is a force to be reckoned with and an impressive career. FWM had a chance to catch up with the actress and learned more about what makes her a Formidable Woman®. Angelina Jolie’s lover in “Gia” transitioned from her Emmy-nominated role in JJ Abrams’ “Lost” into the Ice Queen role on “Once Upon a Time.” Next on the horizon is her role as lead protagonist in Season 2 of the Netflix original series, “Outer Banks” (July 30th Season 2 Premiere) and another Netflix original with Emma Roberts, “First Kill.” She also joins legends Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, and Ann-Margret in “Queen Bees” and stars in and produced the SXSW indie feature, “Witch Hunt”.

FWM: People often conflate what we do with who we are. What is it that really makes you a formidable woman?
EM: I’ve always been more of a velvet hammer than a straight-on opponent. Not really sure why I am that way. I think there is such a joy in being in an ensemble; and having everyone around you work to the very best of their ability. If I do inspire respect, which is the definition of formidable that I quite like, it’s most likely out of my sheer joy and passion for what I do.

FWM: Your career in entertainment and catalog of roles is impressive! Tell us about some of your pains and challenges along the way to landing your toughest roles.
EM: I’ve always loved the work. The work has never felt like a pain. Sometimes it’s definitely a challenge. First of all, learning lines is a challenge. It’s an exercise for your brain that is really quite extraordinary. Getting into a character’s head and finding out what they want, what they need, and what they’ll do to get it, has always been part of the joy of it for me. I suppose the pain has been in procuring the roles. It’s a challenging situation to audition. An exercise in confidence and will.

FWM: Who or what has shaped your philosophy of life?
EM: My family. My grandmother was a huge influence. My mother is a brilliant woman and incredibly talented artist who basically brought magical thinking into my life, as well as unconditional love, which is an incredible platform to jump off of. My son has gifted me a deep and ferocious need to protect and cherish, which has only helped to deepen characters. I’ve also had some incredible friends along the way. None of which I’ll embarrass by naming by name, but they have absolutely shaped me with their intelligence, kindness, patience and their deep funny bones. My manager of 20-years has also taught me about loyalty and perseverance. Without him none of this would’ve happened.

FWM: What is your advice on balancing personal life and work life?
EM: That balance can be an illusion. You’re always going to feel guilty about one thing or another. I suppose my wisdom is…to be OK with that. To be okay with striving to be all that you can be doing; all the things that you love. And being OK with failing…

FWM: What can women looking to enter your field work on now to prepare for the landscape?
EM: As women, we are paid less. And, we come up in life with an idea that we need to make everything all right. We need to smooth and sooth. I’m less about that now. Do the work you love with respect, passion, strength, humor and with the desire to make it a beautiful place to play for yourself and everyone around you. Sometimes that means demanding respect if it’s not freely given, and appreciating it when it is.

FWM: What has been your favorite role and why?
EM: It’s so incredibly hard to have a favorite! I love them all. I have a very soft spot for ‘Juliet’ from “Lost” and for ‘Ingrid’ in “Once Upon a Time.” I also quite loved ‘Rachel’ from “Revolution.” There were times with all of these roles where it just felt like flying.

FWM: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
EM: As of late, I’ve been dreaming of Sweden. A lot of my ancestors are from there and I’ve always had the desire to go and just walk where they may have walked.

FWM: What’s next for you? Tell us all about it!
EM: I just finished a TV series for Netflix called “First Kill” in which I play a 500-year-old vampire named ‘Margot.’ She is the very definition of a formidable woman and I absolutely loved working on this show. My show runner, Felicia, is an enormous role model for me. She is brilliant, passionate, kind, talented and so strong in the way that she walks through the world. She assembled a diverse, incredibly female friendly, amazing group of actors and crew members and it was a joy to be a part of.