Witch Hunt | Review

I’ve just read this review of Witch Hunt. I love they said that Elizabeth’s positivity added something to her character, because I truly believe it’s one of the personal features that Liz conveyed to Martha.

The images and the shots in Witch Hunt are beautifully done. The eerie figures lurking is not overdone which makes it scarier. The ending was sad. I would recommend checking out Witch Hunt, Elle Callahan did a good job. This cast was incredible. Elizabeth Mitchell’s positive, no matter what happens attitude added something to her character. Gideon Adlon who played Claire did a great job giving this character depth and empathy for those around her even when she questioned herself, you could tell she kind of knew.

Make sure to check out Witch Hunt.

Source: horrornews.net

The movie is available on DVD also in the USA & Canada now.

 I also read a few reviews in my language after it premiered at Trieste Science+Fiction Festival and they were all positive.