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I’ve just found a couple of more reviews about Liz’s cameo on The Expanse 6×03 (available on Amazon Prime Video now), swap right to read them. 🤗

So… this feels like getting towards the end, right? What I mean is, the appearances in this episode had some real “back for the finale” energy about them. I’ve opined, in these virtual pages, that it would be cool as hell to get Elizabeth Mitchell to be our guide to Earth, After the Rocks, and even if we’re not treated to a whole season of her, I appreciate that we did get a glimpse of Anna Volovodov here, courtesy of Monica Stuart’s documentary.

And this is what he posted before:

I don’t know how this would work, but I’ve said a few times that I’d have loved to have had Anna Volovodov appear to give a worm’s eye view of what was happening on Earth. Hell, give us some scenes Elizabeth Mitchell and Shohreh Aghdashloo together and make Pastor Anna this season’s Ashford.

t was also a nice surprise to get cameos of Elizabeth Mitchell’s Anna and Terry Chan’s Prax, both of whom played very significant roles in the second and third seasons but haven’t been seen since. It spoke to how much some things are coming together in the final season by offering viewers looks at previous characters, though there is still one glaring hole in how The Expanse will attempt to close things off.