Elizabeth Mitchell Joins CBS’ ‘FBI: International’ As Recurring

So happy to share this! Starting the new year with the announcement of a new role. YES! Liz in FBI:International 💃

Elizabeth Mitchell Joins CBS’ ‘FBI: International’ As Recurring

EXCLUSIVE: Lost alumna Elizabeth Mitchell is set to recur on CBS’ freshman drama series FBI: International in a key role.

From executive producer Dick Wolf, FBI: International follows the elite operatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s International Fly Team, led by Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank). Headquartered in Budapest, they travel the world with the mission of tracking and neutralizing threats against American citizens wherever they may be, relying on intelligence, quick thinking and pure brawn as they put their lives on the line to protect the U.S. and its people.

Mitchell, who will first appear in a February episode, will play Angela Cassidy. She is Scott Forrester’s (Kleintank) long lost mother who worked for the U.S. government before selling information to the Russians.

The series, which has received a full-season order, also stars Heida Reed, Carter Redwood, Vinessa Vidotto and Christiane Paul. Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Matt Olmstead, Michael Katleman, Arthur Forney and Peter Jankowski are the executive producers. The series is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with CBS Studios.

Mitchell, probably best known for her roles on ABC’s Lost and Once Upon a Time and NBC’s Revolution, recurs on the second season of Netflix’s popular original series Outer Banks and is set as a lead in Netflix’s upcoming vampire drama First Kill produced by Emma Roberts. Mitchell, who recently joined Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, and Ann-Margret in Queen Bees and starred in and produced the SXSW indie feature, Witch Hunt, is repped by Link Entertainment and APA.

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In case you missed the news yesterday, Elizabeth has joined the CBS’s show “FBI: International”, a procedural drama from Dick Wolf (SVU) that follows an elite team of FBI agents led by Scott Forrester, headquartered in Budapest, who travel the world to neutralize threats against American people.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you are in time to catch up since the first episode with Liz aired in February and they only aired 10 episodes.❤️

Elizabeth will play Angela Cassidy, a long lost mother of the main protagonist (Scott Forrester). She used to work for the US government before selling information to the Russians. After that she disappeared and her son has never heard from her since.

I found a couple of articles where they talk about her character and what they showed so far in the episodes. Swap right to read them. I am also adding a clip (summary in episode 1×06) where they mention her. She is mentioned particularly in episode 2, 5 and 6.

I am also posting the photo of his mom in Moscow that Scott got from a CIA agent (episode 5). Obviously it’s not Liz because when they filmed that episode, she wasn’t in the cast yet

Since I already watched the show till episode 7 (spoilers), I can say that Scott is very hurt by what his mother did obviously, but he’s still looking for a reason behind that betrayal. His past is affecting his job and his judgment sometimes (he is an amazing FBI agent though), but I think  deep inside he still has hopes that Angela did it for a legitimate reason and that’s why – I think – he still loves his mother.
I cannot wait to see what Liz is gonna do with this character. There is so much potential in this relationship mother/son and the reasons behind her actions.

Oh and the poster is made by me. She won’t look like that but I wanted to do a key-art now so I did it thinking about what outfit you can wear if you worked for the US government. 🤗



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‘FBI: International’ Sets Elizabeth Mitchell to Recur as Forrester’s Mother

Special Agent Scott Forrester’s (Luke Kleintank) mother is currently lost — at least to him — so her casting sort of makes sense.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, The Expanse) will recur as Angela Cassidy on FBI: International, Deadline reports. We’ll first see Forrester’s mother, who was a foreign service officer but then sold information to the Russians in 2004, in an episode airing in February. As has been mentioned, Angela disappeared in 2005.

However, in Episode 5, “The Soul of Chess,” Forrester received a photo of his mother in Moscow from two weeks earlier. “Maybe she’s living there, or is she there before she’s still running? I don’t know, maybe Russia was the destination all along,” he told Special Agent Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed) even as he followed up on that lead in the next episode. “This goes nowhere good for me.” General Finley (Moe Irvin) then warned Forrester that people knew he was looking into his mother’s case and ordered him to “cease and desist with any more personal investigation, period. Put the photo and your file into a burn bag, Agent Forrester.”

Now we’ll just have to wait and see what brings Angela back into Forrester’s life. Does he track her down? Does she find him? Is she somehow involved in one of the Fly Team’s cases? What we do know is that this family reunion, whenever it happens, is coming at a time that Forrester’s personal life is a bit complicated. Facing questions about a previous case and the decisions she made and Forrester covering for her led Kellett to decide that they need to take a “break.”

Plus, will Jamie be able to trust informants the same way after the latest case?

In addition to her roles on Lost and The Expanse, Mitchell’s TV credits include Outer Banks, Dead of Summer, Once Upon a Time, and Revolution.

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‘FBI: International’ Casts Elizabeth Mitchell in Recurring Role

FBI: International has cast actress Elizabeth Mitchell in a recurring role. Mitchell will play the important role of Forrester’s mother, who fans have been dying to hear more about since the series started in the fall. FBI: International is the newest series in the FBI franchise. Also in the franchise is FBI and FBI: Most Wanted.

Elizabeth Mitchell is known for her roles on Lost, The Expanse, Frequency, and Running Scared. Many loved her role as Dr. Juliet Burke on lost in particular. Deadline has reported that she’ll join the series to play Forrester’s complicated mother and will appear in multiple episodes. How many episodes she’ll be in remains unclear. And it’ll be interesting to see how her character will tie into the series. At this point, she could be set up to be the antagonist.

FBI: International, just like the other shows in the franchise, is from executive producer Dick Wolf. It follows a group of FBI agents based abroad. They investigate cases all over the world with the intent to neutralize threats against American citizens.

Dick Wolf is also in charge of the Law & Order franchise with Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime as well as the One Chicago Franchise with Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD. The FBI franchise is his only one on CBS.

What to Know About Elizabeth Mitchell’s ‘FBI: International’ Role

Mitchell will appear on FBI: International in February. And many fans are thrilled to get more answers about Forrester’s mother. Forrester’s mom was a foreign service officer who sold information to Russians in the early 2000s. She disappeared in 2005. Since the beginning of the series, we’ve gotten hints that Forrester’s mother will be crucial to the plot and his character development.

But in a recent FBI: International episode, The Soul of Chess, Forrester receives a photo of his mom in Moscow. But nothing else came of it. Forrester wondered what she was doing there, and why she went missing all those years ago. But there was nothing he could do about it.

At this point, we don’t know why or how the two will reunite. They clearly won’t be on the best of terms, but obviously, considering she’s his mother, it’ll be an emotional sort of reunion. Forrester’s reputation at the FBI is on shaky ground because of his mother’s actions. And he’s worked hard to prove he’s not like her.

But what will happen when he reunites with her for the first time in over fifteen years?

FBI: International airs on Tuesday nights following new episodes of FBI. If you want to skip FBI and go straight to FBI: International, then you can tune in at 9/8 central.

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UPDATE: New article about Angela Cassidy and Liz:


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FBI: International adds Elizabeth Mitchell in a key role

FBI: International is about to have one wild family reunion.

Elizabeth Mitchell will begin a recurring role on the hit CBS series as Angela Cassidy, the long-absent mother of team leader Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank).

Given the fact the woman happens to be a wanted traitor, it likely won’t be the mother-son bonding experience either want.

Forrester and his mother issues

There’s having mother issues, and then there’s what Scott Forrester has on FBI: International.

The second episode of the series had new team member Vo discovering that Forrester’s mother was Angela Cassidy, who, like her husband, was a longtime Foreign Service officer (aka a spy).

In 2005, Angela was caught selling secrets to the Russians and vanished without a trace. Forrester has had to live under the shadow of being the son of an infamous traitor, which explains a lot of his drive.

In recent episodes, Forrester discovered his mother had been spotted in Russia. But when he tried to find out more, he was warned to stop looking into the case. This makes Forrester convinced there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

The plot has been put on the backburner with Forrester handling other issues, especially a break-up with teammate and lover Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed).

Now, per Deadline, Angela will become a recurring face on the series, played by veteran actress Elizabeth Mitchell.
A long-popular TV actress, Elizabeth Mitchell first gained prominence starring opposite a young Angelina Jolie in the 1998 HBO movie Gia. She later moved to roles on shows like ER and films such as The Santa Clause series.

In 2006, Mitchell began her breakout role as Juliet Burke on the hit ABC series Lost, making her a fan-favorite character.

Since then, Mitchell has been a popular face on television with roles on series such as V, Revolution, Once Upon A Time, The Expanse, and more.

It’s expected that Angela will first appear in episodes when the series returns from a brief break in February. So far, there are no details on how she enters the story but the announcement that it’s a recurring role means Mitchell should be featured in several episodes.

The obvious drama is Forrester trying to understand why his mother did what she did and if she genuinely is a traitor or was forced into it.

With this addition, a long-simmering subplot on FBI: International is going to explode into major drama and bring a rough family dynamic into the global thriller.

FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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Elizabeth Mitchell joins FBI: International in major role

Elizabeth Mitchell is joining the FBI: International cast in a recurring role. Who will she play, and when will her character first appear?

You know Mitchell for a wide variety of roles and performances. Many will recognize her from LOST, The Expanse, and even Outer Banks, taking on heroes, villains, and people with questionable morals.

Now she’s joining FBI: International, but in a recurring role. That doesn’t mean she won’t be crucial to the storyline. She’ll have a connection to the leader of the Fly Team, Scott Forrester.

Who is Elizabeth Mitchell on FBI: International?

Mitchell will play Forrester’s long-lost mother, according to Deadline. We knew when the storyline of Forrester’s mother came up that she would show up at some point. This wasn’t something that was going to be a quick mention before the characters all just moved on.

We know that Forrester’s mother went missing, and she was presumed dead. However, it turns out that she’s very much alive. We get more information about what happened to his mom, Angela Cassidy. She sold information to the Russians before going missing, so what brings her back?

When is Elizbeth Mitchell’s first episode?

We don’t have the exact episode, but we know that she will appear in a February one. This will mean either on Tuesday, Feb. 1 or on Tuesday, Feb. 22. There won’t be episodes on the other two Tuesdays because of the Winter Olympics.

It’s possible that we’ll see her show up at the very end of the Feb. 1 episode to give us a cliffhanger for the two-week break, and then we’ll find out exactly what happened and what Forrester will do about her return in the next new episode.

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