Witch Hunt on DVD | In Italy

I have just found out some wonderful news for Liz’s italian fans: the movie “Witch Hunt” where she stars as Martha (and she is also one of the executive producers) comes out on DVD in Italy on March 23. Just a few days before Liz’s birthday! How lovely! Already pre-ordered my copy. The movie premiered at Trieste Science + Fiction Festival in Italy a few months ago and also won the special mention of the Asteroid Award and I’m so happy they added that on the cover. For sure it was my favorite movie of 2021 (with all due respect to Queen Bees which was fabulous as well). This is a very powerful movie and I think a lot of young women can get inspired and other adult women like me can feel very represented and understood.

This is the cover of the italian DVD:


You can pre-order it on Amazon.it  or other site like ibs.