Kepley | Liz Nominated As Best Lead Actress | Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in London


@harisgrantproductions announced not only a nomination for “Kepley” at the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in London for Best Short Film but also for Liz’s amazing performance. 💃💃💃

So happy for all the awards this short is getting and I am so proud of Liz for this nomination. 🤗😁
You know how much she totally deserves it. ❤️

I still feel shaked by how this story was filmed, and only to think about the way she portrayed this character gives me chills. How intense she was and how I was completely abducted by her journey.

I know that Elizabeth is always so incredibly good that it is hard to say otherwise, but I feel Kepley is so immersive.

I don’t know if it’s about the way I watched it that makes me feel that way. Gillian was investigating and I feel like I was investigating about the reasons behind the choices Liz was doing with the character and in the end the two things were connected. It was so surreal.

While I was watching it, I truly felt like I was living in her mind and that was actually the movie. I cannot stop being overwhelmed by this.

I love that they are both nominated because, as I said  before, this movie works through images and through Liz’s acting and they couldn’t work without each other.  So it’s only fair to see Elizabeth nominated for this as well.

I said so much about Kepley in the past, I don’t want to repeat myself about how unbelievably mesmerizing the way they realized this little gem is and how breathtaking and heartbreaking Liz’s is in it.

It would be amazing though if they release it on DVD/Bluray as soon as they finish the tour among all those amazing festivals. I know it’s hard to have that kind of release, because it’s a short, but I got messages from people who wanted to see it and didn’t get the chance in the past year.

Plus I always love to own Liz’s performances on some platform. I’m a purist. LOL! 🤗

Oh and I’ve just remembered @stephkathgrant saying that they were working on a screenplay for a feature film of this. That also would be awesome!🥰



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