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I know I am not posting updates here, but only on ig. There are so many things to post that I haven’t got the time to also post them here. Will do when there are less news. 😛 In the mean time check my account on ig for updates.


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I like the optimism. OK, well, we touched on Elinor, but “First Kill” really is a show that just makes you go “Women!” They’re just excellent, and I love every single one of them. I’m obsessed with the moms in particular. Please tell me what it’s like being Elizabeth Mitchell’s daughter.

Oh my god. I mean, how iconic? I mean, to me, she was always Mrs. Claus. (laughs) So that was kind of crazy to have her as my mom. It was amazing. She is such a light. And I can’t tell you how generous she is, as not only an actor, but as a person too.

I had a lot of struggles on set just with like my sleep and just my well-being. And she — I always called her my witch doctor. I always went to her because she was like, “I have a lot of tricks when I’m on sets like this.” And so I would text her a lot being like, “Help me I’m dying.” She just, she had my back. She always had an answer. Even after filming, I would reach out to her for her little witch doctor tricks.

And she was really just always responsive and took care of all of us and was such a mom, but also a great friend. Like we would hang out on the weekends and drink or do whatever. It was just so lovely to have her. And she’s so freakin’ good too. I mean, I’m so obsessed with having pros be in the game with me so that I can steal things from them and learn from them and just play like it. There’s something about being with the big dogs, you know, they’re there. They are very inspiring with what they give to you. So yeah, to sum it all up, I’m obsessed with her and thankful that she’s my mom.