Gracie About Liz

First Kill’s Gracie Dzienny on Playing “Unapologetically Driven” Elinor, Working with Elizabeth Michell

And my favorite thing about this job is I got to kind of do that for Sarah Catherine, and I got to be there for her the way Elizabeth Mitchell and Kristen Connolly from Zoo, and Leslie Bibb from Jupiter’s Legacy have always been there for me.

So when I spoke with Elizabeth Mitchell a while back about something else, we also talked about First Kill, and she was so excited to play a vampire.

Oh, my gosh. Talk about love. I love her so much. One of the best things that come out of this job is my friendship with Elizabeth Mitchell, and just the whole cast.

But Elizabeth and I just have a really special bond. We love to craft together, and we talk probably twice a week still. And we wrapped the show nine months ago.

So I just think she has the most amazing energy, and she was always there if I ever needed advice. And she just is so positive and loving and fun, and we just had the best time.

What did you learn from her?

One of the greatest things that I learned from Elizabeth was she finds a way to make each person shine. She finds what people love most about themselves, and compliments that. And I think she’s really good at reading people and showing them her love and care, which is really cool.