• 24 || I watch 24 when it’s on.
  • Gossip Girl
  • Battlestar Galactica || “The first 5 episodes I was like, blah, blah, but now I’m captivated by it.” || I love Battlestar Galactica. Love that show, didn’t at first, and then got completely hooked.
  • The Vampire Diaries || And I actually thought that… I watched the first few episodes of The Vampire Diaries because I met the girl on a press tour, the lead on that, and she was adorable and that a really good show. So there’s two.” (they asked her about her guilty pleasure)
  • Dexter || I’m a huge fan of Dexter, and sometimes I can’t believe I’m watching it, but it’s so good.
  • Buffy || “In my family, with my sisters and I, Joss Whedon is our comfort zone. We know that if someone calls and says, ‘I’m re-watching Buffy,’ it’s, ‘OK, what episode are you on, what do we need to talk about?’ Joss is one of my idols. He’s such a unique and amazing voice but, like I said, he’s our mental health in our family.”
  • Weeds || Mary Louise Parker should be given every award she can be, for that role. She amazes me, and I like how complex she is.
  • Grey’s Anatomy || I watch Grey’s Anatomy here and there. Sandra Oh especially. I think she’s just phenomenal. She’s done some things that just blow me away. I find her to be very brave and very interesting to watch as an actor. I have a two year old, so there’s not a lot, but there are things I get captivated by.
  • Fantasy Island || If I could be on any show from my childwood, I would have to say “Fantasy Island” just because you got to be whatever you wanted to be and you got to have your fantasies and as a kid I thought that was pretty cool. It was very risque for me as a kid too, “Fantasy Island” I was it was kinda cutting edge.
  • Love Boat ||
  • Laugh In ||
  • Breaking Bad ||
  • Orphan Black || Orphan Black and Longmire were my last two. I love shows about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, which is also basically the stuff I like to work on.
  • Longmire || Orphan Black and Longmire were my last two. I love shows about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, which is also basically the stuff I like to work on.
  • Rita || Oh I just finished binge watching Rita, it’s a Danish show. Oh my gosh, this woman is so good. She’s so good and so complex and so complete and I loved her with a passion. So much so that when the show came to end I was just like “No!” And I went on tried to find anything. But the whole sensibility of the education system… her… just loved her. So that one I love. [NEW]
  • Game of Thrones || Oh and Game of Thrones, because I read all the books, all of them. And I didn’t read them and then my boyfriend was like I really want to talk to you about this. And I’m like but I read all the books, he goes no they’ve gone off the books. You actually have to watch it. So I’m now at the end I just finished season five. And I’m starting six and now I can carry on an intelligence conversation soon. [NEW]
  • Nip/Tuck || For a while there I thought Nip/Tuck was great. [NEW]
  • Star Trek


  • Truly Madly Deeply (1991) ||“It’s a simple little movie and it makes me cry every time. Plus, I love the cello.” || I really love, did you ever see Juliet Stevenson did a movie called Truly Madly Deeply? You know what, you’ll love it, you should go out and rent it! Bring a tissue box. It’s so lovely, and she’s with Alan Rickman. And I just, that performance is one of my favorites. It’s simple, it’s a simple small tiny little movie. It’s so freaking honest, and so not glossy or beautiful or any of the things that we fall into. It’s more just kind of this sweet, raw simple performance and I love it, I thought she was great.
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Terms of Entearment ||
  • Mad Max || Question: Favorite post-apocalyptic movie?
    Answer: “Mad Max for sentimental reasons. I used to watch it with my grandmother. It was her favorite.”
  • Bridesmaids
  • Katherine Hepburn with Cary Grant or Spencer Tracy in pretty much anything.
  • When Harry Met Sally


  • Marion Seldes || “I was so lucky that I got to hang out with her,” Mitchell says. “I had a girl crush on her for years. I also got into Edward’s notes, which was very rewarding for me. It was an amazing experience for a young actress.”
  • Clive Owen ||“Good Lord, he’s just the hottest thing. And I don’t mean physically, though of course he is. He’s got a passion to the way he works that I am drawn to.”
  • Mary Louise Parker || she “should be given every award she can be, for that role. She amazes me, and I like how complex she is.”
  • Rob Lowe || Well this is easy because I had a crush on Rob Lowe. I watched him in “The Outsider”, right? And he came in with a towel on. Right? And, uh, I heard everybody talk about, you kno, this guy, Rob Lowe, whoever he is. And I was like “I’m not gonna think he’s hot”. And of course I’m like “That guy was hot!” And they’re like “That’s Rob Lowe!” Ok there you go, trite, but true.
  • James Spader || Question: “Was your first celebrity crush?”
    Elizabeth: “James Spader. For sure.
    Question:Any role in particular?”
    Elizabeth: Pretty in Pink. ‘Cause he was just a terrible guy. And you know at that age, that’s all you’re looking for, is like the worst guy possible.
  • Gerard Butler || I’d like to act alongside . . . Gerard Butler—sincerely, for the hot factor.
  • Emma Thompson || I’m a huge lover of Emma Thompson. She’s funny and kind and smart. She was absolutely brilliant in her adaptation of Sense and Sensibility (1995). I think it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, in a lyrical, soft way. The women I find beautiful are invariably over 50. I don’t know why. I think I’m drawn to their experience.
    || I just think she’s wonderful. Any of your funny ladies who also do beautiful work. I’m always pretty captivated by them.
  • Emma Thompson, Fiona Shaw, Juliette Stevenson. Those are the ones that I love. Those are the women that I love. Smart, funny, emotionally raw and honest, and they don’t seem to give a fig what they look like. And I love that. I think that I find all of their faces incredibly comforting and joyous to watch. Those are the people who have done it for me.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange || And I really have always loved watching Michelle Pfeiffer. I guess it’s because it’s like watching an orchid perform. She’s such a dazzling, beautiful creature, and she’s also so good. So, her, Jessica Lange… those beautiful women who are also so breathtaking definitely formed a lot of my choices…the vulnerability combined with the strength in all of them, I absolutely loved; thought they were captivating.
  •  Meryl Streep || Who is not in love with Meryl Streep? Sophie’s Choice is one of my favorite movies. I find her stillness is really captivating.
  • Juliet Stevenson || I really love, did you ever see Juliet Stevenson did a movie called Truly Madly Deeply? You know what, you’ll love it, you should go out and rent it! Bring a tissue box. It’s so lovely, and she’s with Alan Rickman. And I just, that performance is one of my favorites. It’s simple, it’s a simple small tiny little movie. It’s so freaking honest, and so not glossy or beautiful or any of the things that we fall into. It’s more just kind of this sweet, raw simple performance and I love it, I thought she was great.
  • Susan Lucci ||
  • Katherine Hepburn with Cary Grant or Spencer Tracy in pretty much anything.


  • Han Solo (Star Wars)

Books & Authors

  • “I read anything that has a female protagonist.”
  • Dolls Behaving Badly – Cinthia Ritchie
  • The Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis ||“His fantasy is moving, his ideas are great, the ideology is interesting.” She recently reread Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters””.
  • Orley Farm – Anthony Trollope || Right now I’m reading “Orley Farm.” Trollope! It’s a nice big old hunk of scandal.I don’t know if they would have viewed it as a real book then. We do because it’s old. It uses nice, lovely big words. But it doesn’t have any Latin in it. I feel if you went back in time, they would view it as Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele. But it’s so old they view it as a classic. And highbrow. He wrote about women really beautifully.
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein ||It is a feel-good, then cry, then smile book.
  • The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters – Gordon Dahlquist ||It is quirky, interesting, oddly erotic.
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – Junot Diaz
  • Are you There Vodka?, It’s Me Chelsea – Chelsea Handler
  • The Quickie – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge || The last thing I read was trashy. It was called The Quickie, and it was by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. I read it on a plane, and it was really fun. It’s about this woman, and she thinks her husband had an affair, so she has an affair with someone else, and it turns out he’s a really bad guy and everyone ends up killing everyone else, and she has to cover it up because she’s a detective.
  • A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin
  • Hunger Games -Suzanne Collins
  • The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker || I just finished The Age of Miracles, which I really enjoyed,
  • The Lifeboat – Charlotte Rogan || and now I’ve cracked open The Lifeboat.
  • The Year of the Gadfly – Jennifer Miller || And there’s another one—The Year of the Gadfly. I’m reading that one at work. I prefer print books. I have an iPad and a Kindle, but it’s not quite as satisfying on a screen.
  • X-MEN (comic book) || “I got into the ‘X-Men’ books. I went back and bought a lot of the old ones. I fell in love with Jean Grey. She’s the one that I understood, the character that I saw myself in, but they’re all cool. They’re great looking. They read well. I come from a very artistic family. When things are well drawn and well inked, that’s what’s going to draw me in. You feel like you’re meeting up with old friends, which I love. They’re drawn together as outcasts and I love that — it makes you feel less alone. I have a son and I read them to him.”

(South Magazine – December 2013) I read a few books every week. I’m currently reading:

  • This is How You Lose Her – Junot Diaz
  • Simplicity Parenting – Kim John Payne
  • Hello There We’ve Been Waiting for You! – Laurie B. Arnold
  • The Expats – Chris Pavone.


  • U2 – ACHTUNG BABY (Album) || “There’s not a lyric I’m not in love with. It sounds trite, but I use Bono’s lyrics to click into my more obsessed characters.”
  • NINA SIMONE – PASTEL BLUES/ LET IT ALL OUT (Album) exp CHAUFFER (Song)||“Chauffeur is one of the hottest, sexiest songs ever. The way she sings it, the rhythm — it’s gorgeous.”
  • NINA SIMONE – FEELING GOOD (Song) || “This always feels fresh. Her voice is extraordinary, and she makes me feel so cool. She’s got so much passion and soul in her. It’s beautiful.”
  • BRANDI CARLILE – LIVE AT BENAROYA HALL (Album) ||“The last time I saw her in concert I got to go backstage because she watched Lost on the road. I was such a dork, because I think she’s an incredible talent. Her voice is so strong and vibrant.”
    1) Right now it’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I danced around to that in yoga class when I was pregnant with my [7-year-old] son, and I was such a miserable, miserable pregnant woman that it was, like, the only bright sunny spot. I remember that, and it gives me happy feelings. I play it for my son. I’m like, “I played this for you when—.” “I was in your belly, I know. Mom, come on.” But it comes on, and he sings to it.
    2) “It’s a real energy changer – you put that on and everybody starts swaying. I’m drawn to songs that are melancholy but uplifting”
  • RYAN ADAMS – COME PICK ME UP (Song) || “I’ve been the person who might sing that, and I’ve been the person someone might sing that to. I’m obsessed – I’ve played it for most of the [Revolution] cast.”
  • PINK – GLITTER IN THE AIR (Song) || “One of my girlfriends told me I had to listen to her, and the dance songs didn’t affect me, but I was captivated by this. I truly think she’s writing from a personal place.”
  • VIVALDI – THE FOUR SEASONS (Set of four violin concertos) “I go back to Vivaldi when I’m trying to find a character arc. It’s always good to surround yourself with brilliance, if only to remind you that you can do better.”
  • THE TIME (DIRTY BIT) by The Black Eyed Peas || “The Time (Dirty Bit),” Black Eyed Peas. My son listens to that all the time. He’s like, “Put on ‘Dirty Bit.’” I don’t know if that’s a bad one, but I’ve got a lot of Bach. I have a lot of U2. I have a lot of Rolling Stones. And then I have “Dirty Bit.” [Laughs] So maybe it’s just another classic, I don’t know.
  • BACH (Composer)
  • THE CRANBERRIES (Group) || I think I’ve made every possible mix. On a whim, I put in The Cranberries a little while ago, just thinking, “I’d like to listen to some ’90s girl music.” But that’s not what came up! It was all women, but from different eras, from the ‘70s all the way to now.
  • ERIC CLAPTON (Musician) || Also, Eric Clapton plays a really amazing blues guitar, so if you put him in Pandora and pick the right song, you get an insane amount of blues guitar, which is great.

Food & Drink”

  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese – Brie
  • Bread – French bread ||I have lots of stress foods. Spaghetti and meatballs, chocolates. You know, there are the usuals… cheese. I like all of those things. I don’t eat ‘em all the time when I’m working ’cause they tend to make you a little low-energy, but yeah. And I like bread. French bread and butter. French bread and Brie. You know, a glass of wine.”
  • Kale || Kale is one of my favourite vegetables, though it’s hard to eat a lot of it. I massage the leaves with olive oil and put them in the fridge to crisp up. Then I make a sea salt and balsamic reduction and add cherry tomatoes.
  • Fresh berries, half and half, little bit of brown sugar with dark chocolate chips in the bottom.
  • Cupcakes || Sometimes it’s fun to make it strong and sometimes it’s fun to make it feminine by eating a lot of cupcakes.
  • Sushi || I spend most of the time with my son CJ when I’m not working. We’ve gone to Uchi, which he loves because he gets to cook meat on a rock. He thinks that’s the coolest thing that ever happened, and I’m happy because I get to eat sushi. I also get a farm delivery box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. They deliver fresh produce and eggs to me every weekend. I just can’t believe all of the great foods that come out of Texas!
  • Bacon or Nutella? Don’t make me choose!
  • Club soda with lime
  • Champagne
  • Berries and whipped cream || I always cut out sugar and wheat because I find that they drag my energy down. But, everything else is pretty much fair game. I love berries and whipped cream. But, if I cut out the wheat and the sugar, I can usually go down several dress sizes.

Beauty Finds

  • Yon-ka | “Yon-ka makes a smoothing serum that I use on my face, neck and arms – mostly because it smells so amazing!”
  • Kate Somerville| “I also need Kate Somerville’s complexion-correcting sunscreen. It’s not drying at all.”
  • Nars lipstick in Catfight  & Paw Paw| !I love Nars lipstick in Catfight. The pink can be kind of intense, so I mix it with Paw Paw ointment to tone the color down.”
  • Ole Henriksen || “His stuff keeps my skin clear, and it’s amazing. He’s got an On the Go Cleanser and a Walnut Complexion Scrub that are out of this world.”
  • Kérastase Paris Oléo-Relax || “For people with crazy hair who need to have it chill a little bit.”
  • Laura Mercier French Vanilla Honey Bath || “It smells so good, I can’t keep it in my shower. I know my husband is using it.”
  • Crest Whitestrips || “I do love the Whitestrips before a big event.”
  • La Prairie Caviar Collection || “They make a base that I think is the most delicious thing you can put on your face. Especially good if your skin is uneven or breaking out.”
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild 666 Brandywine Lip Liner || “What makeup artists use on everybody. It’s 99 cents and still the most beautiful color.”
  • Estée Lauder More Than Mascara || “It just works. It goes on every lash and is so pretty.”
  • Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer || “If you’re someone whose skin breaks out but is also really dry, this is the complete bomb. It’s fantastic if you’re 38 years old and still have teenage skin.”

Other Favorites


  • Travel Website || You know what, I like all the travel website. I kike living in other people homes when I travel, instead of staying in hotels, I like staying in apartments and that kind of thing, so … houses. So that’s what I love the most. It’s not very glamour, but that’s it.

Gift that you craved more as a child

  • Snowcone maker ||Yeah, I wanted a snowcone maker, desperately wanted a snowcone maker. I believe I eventually got a snowcone maker and it broke and I never looked at it again. But I did, I wanted one desperately.”
  • Make-and-Bake Oven || “My friend had one. I think my sisters finally bought me one. Or I bought them one, this was like two years ago when we were all older and we were all like kids. We’re like, look, it’s a Make-and-Bake Oven! My parents thought it was a little frivolous at the time. And they were actually right. (LAUGH) It was.”

Pet Peeve & Worst Job

Pet Peeve

  • People who don’t listen || My number one pet peeve is…I have a lot. It’s people who don’t listen, I think.
  • Cruelty. And what I call “puppy kicking,” when you hurt someone on purpose, who can’t or won’t hurt you back and you do it on purpose. Grrrrrrrr. Don’t do it in front of me.

Worst Jobs

  • Secretary ||Worst job? Oh, you know, I was a really terrible secretary. Truly horrible. I didn’t know any of the computer programs I was supposed to know. And I really just wanted to act so I would be consistently looking at auditions online. And I think the woman who — I was a temp — the woman who hired me was finally like, you should just go home. (LAUGH) I was like, oh, oh, okay cool.”
  • Working at Nabisco || “And I think it was over at Nabisco, too. So I just ate there all day. But yeah, that wasn’t so great. I mean there are other things that were harder or were more menial or more this, but that one was truly demeaning.”

What makes you turn off the TV?

  • Anything that has characters I don’t believe in, I turn away. I can’t watch characters I don’t believe in, words that people just don’t say, or women that aren’t in strong situations. I’m a really big sucker for a female protagonist. In the books I read, too.