Full Filmography


Title Role Production
WHEN TIME GOT LOUDER (2020) (filmed in 2020)  Tish (Lead)
Cocchia Production
WITCH HUNT (filmed in 2019)
Martha (Lead) Paradigm
NEVER TOO LATE (filmed in 2018) Laura (Supporting) Astute Films
WHAT WE FOUND (filmed in 2017) Captain Katherine Hilman (Supporting) Create Entertainment
THE PURGE 3 (2016) Charlene “Charlie” Roan (Lead) Universal/Blumhouse
ANSWERS TO NOTHING (2011) Kate (Leading Role) Ambush
SANTA CLAUSE 3 (2006) Mrs. Claus/Carol Newman (Supporting) Disney
RUNNING SCARED (2006) Edele (Supporting) New Line
SANTA CLAUSE 2 (2002) Principal Carol Newman (Supporting) Disney
DOUBLE BANG (2001) Dr. Karen Winterman (Supporting) Domani Films Corp.
HOLLYWOOD PALMS (2001) Blair (Supporting) Hexogram Pictures
NURSE BETTY (2000) Chloe Jensen (Supporting) Intermedia
FREQUENCY (2000) Julia ‘Jules’ Sullivan (Supporting) New Line
MOLLY (1999) Beverly Trehare (Supporting) MGM
Title Role Network
Olivia Bennett (Lead) Hallmark Channel
KRISTIN’S CHRISTMAS PAST (2013) Barbara (Supporting) Lifetime
PROSECUTING CASEY ANTHONY (2012) Linda Burdick (Supporting) Lifetime
3: THE DALE EARNHARDT STORY (2004) Teresa Earnhardt (Supporting) ESPN
MAN AND BOY (2002) Cyd Mason (Supporting) BBC
THE LINDA MCCARTNEY STORY (2000) Linda McCartney (Lead) CBS
GIA (1998) Linda (Supporting) HBO