This is the story of Ryan (Dane Cook) and his wife, Kate (Elizabeth Mitchell), who are trying to get pregnant. It is also the story of Frankie (Julie Benz) , a female detective working the kidnapping case of an 11-year-old girl, taken right from her home. Marilyn (Barbara Hershey) who is Ryan’s mom, can’t let go of her husband whose been gone for nine years. Evan (Zach Gilford),  and Allegra (Kali Hawk),  both just want to make contact with other people, to feel something. Tara, (Aja Volkman),  who is a singer in a band, thinks she’s found forever in a married man. Carter (Mark Kelly)  is a teacher who is obsessed with watching the news about the missing girl. Then there is Jerry (Erik Palladino) who is a cop obsessed with the obituaries, even going to funerals here and there. Lastly, Drew (Miranda Bailey), has a very sad story. The fight  to keep a very ill relative with her, instead of allowing him to go to a home, has brought her sobriety at a huge price.

While this story revolves around the kidnapping of the young girl, (which is a part of the plot that is often on the back burner), this is really the tale of the human condition. Everyone has a secret, some of their secrets are shocking and some of them seemingly point to them as a suspect in the kidnapping.

As the story unfolds, and the viewer tries to decide who is guilty of the kidnapping, it really boils down to obsession. Obsessive need to take what you want no matter who it hurts. To solve a problem, not matter the cost. To keep a promise to a loved one, no matter the circumstances.

The opening scene of this film is a sexual situation, which will make many think this film is going to hit bottom pretty quick. This is not true in the least, as the film goes on it draws you into the world of the characters. Many of their secrets could be the secret of your next door neighbor…or of yourself.

‘Answers to Nothing’ lays it’s character’s souls bare for all to see, like a car accident.  It’s hard to look away as we all want to see other people’s naked life and be glad it’s not us suffering that fate.

The cast is full of interesting actors, from Cook who comes from stand up comedy, to  Palladino, who often plays cops and was so good in ‘ER’. It’s nice to see Barbara Hershey, she is versatile and interesting to watch, even though her characters are often a bit kooky.

Running a bit too long, one plot line could have been removed to remedy this problem. The story line of Evan and Allegra wasn’t all that important, as it offered little to the story. Otherwise, this film is an interesting examination of the psyche laid bare for our examination.

Source: examiner