Double Bang

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emfc_doublebang_AT0001005_28729.JPG|| MOVIE || Double Bang
|| ROLE || Supporting Role
|| AS || Dr. Karen Winterman
|| YEAR || 2001 ( Release date:  August 17, 2001)


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Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell


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|| CAST ||
William Baldwin as Billy Brennan
Jon Seda as Sally ‘Fish’ Pescatore
Elizabeth Mitchell as Dr. Karen Winterman
Adam Baldwin as Vinnie Krailes
Byron Minns as Edmund (as Byron Keith Minns)
Leonard Termo as Al Lucito
Richard Portnow as Lieutenant Shatkin
Sofia Milos as Carmela Krailes

|| CREW ||
Directed by  Heywood Gould
Written by  Heywood Gould
Produced by Alan B. Bursteen,  Michael P. Flannigan, Yoram Pelman, Marc Schaberg, Roee Sharon
Music by  John Leftwich
Cinematography  David Rush Morrison
Editing by  Joel Goodman
Distributed by Artisan Entertainment
Production: Domani Films Corp.


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Based on the novel of the same name, Double Bang stars William Baldwin as detective Billy Brennan. The movie opens in explosive fashion. A hitman sent by Sally ‘Fish’ Pescatore goes to murder Brennan’s dirty cop of a partner Vinnie Krailes (Adam Baldwin) at some sleazy hotel. A huge gun battle breaks out between the the hitman and the undercover cops who were staking out Krailes. Sveral cops are killed and the gunman gets away. Brennan gets a call from his boss to get to the location and talk to Krailes. He does, and Krailes tells him it was Pescatore just moments before he died. Later, from the same hotel, Dr. Karen Winterman gets a phone call from a drug addicted client who see would find dead. Brennan gets assigned to the case and Winterman is taken in for questioning. The cases merge when Brennan connects Pescatore to both murders. Eventually, with his chief telling him he’s done after this case, Brennan has a chat with Pescatore’s uncle, mob boss Frankie Carbonaro at his club. Brennan tell hims he wants Pescatore, the dirty money, and the guy who killed his partner. The movie then becomes a challenge between Brennan’s will to capture Pescatore, and Pescatore’s race to retore his credability with his uncle.