Hollywood Palms

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Hollywood Palm Still Elizabeth Mitchell.jpg|| MOVIE || Hollywood Palms
|| ROLE || Supporting Role
|| AS || Blair
|| YEAR || 2001


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 Elizabeth Mitchell


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Clark, an ex-actor who starred in a television show with a talking skunk twenty years ago, manages the apartment building Hollywood Palms. He has to deal with the usual trivial complaints and problems as well as a never ending struggle to collect rent. Lewis, a caffeine driven, computer programmer, is Clarks newest prospective tenant. Star struck, he will not let Clark forget about his past. Meanwhile, the lives of the other tenants are exposed through the unfettered skunks point-of-view as it makes its way through the apartments seemingly endless supply of heating ducts. Blair, a gorgeous career woman who’s made foolish choices, has to live with her angry and lazy ex-husband Jeff for financial reasons. This arrangement would be fine if Jeff weren’t still completely obsessed with her. When Blair asks Michael, a new boyfriend over for a romantic evening of wine and poetry, she triggers Jeff’s possessive rage, not to mention a near riot in the complex courtyard. Dexter, a sweet, somewhat direction-less aspiring musician who thinks that a bong, guitar and drum machine make a band is secretly in love with Blair. When he learns that Jeff is planning a surprise for her, he mistakenly assumes that Jeff has hired someone to bump her off. Riley, Dexter’s stoner roommate, fellow band member and best friend, joins Dexter’s cockeyed scheme to steal the dough and circumvent the crime. Meanwhile, trouble brews for Phoebe, a down-to-earth rationalist in an irrational world, and her roommate Kathleen. Kathleen is weird. There’s no other way to describe her. While Phoebe is busy making out with Matt, a lovelorn drunk who showed up at the apartment looking for his ex-girlfriend, Kathleen has her own troubles. An adventurous soul, Kathleen experiments with bondage on a willing date, Joel. When Kathleen, at Joel’s urging, raises the stakes of their sexual encounter and unwittingly throttles Joel, Phoebe and Matt leap into damage control mode. By the end of the night, Clark loses a starring role in a movie directed by close friend Eric Stoltz and gives up. He hands the apartment over to Lewis. Amidst the chaos of Dexter and Riley getting beat up by a porno delivery man and Michael and Jeff engaging in a fistfight, Lewis watches as the cops arrive with a television camera crew to film the occasion of his first night as Manager of Hollywood Palms”.


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|| CAST ||
Patrick Labyorteaux as Clark
Matt Winston as Lewis
Dean Cameron as Jeff
Elizabeth Mitchell as Blair
Judge Reinhold as Michael
Jay R. Ferguson as Riley
Jeff Russo as Dexter
Matt Adler as Matt
Paget Brewster as Phoebe
Kristin Bauer as Kathleen
David Packer as Joel
Mark Ivanir as Russian Mover
Robert Wisdom as The Dutchman
Jay Johnston as Young Cop
Mel Winkler as Veteran Cop
Ken Odom as Sound Guy
Patrick Russo as Camera Guy

|| CREW ||
Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Written by Dean Cameron & Patrick Labyorteaux
Production:  Hexogram Pictures