The Linda McCartney Story | Reviews

[…] Elizabeth Mitchell plays her with intelligence and charm. […]

[…] Ms. Mitchell elevates her own scenes of illness, deterioration and death with an admirable dignity. […]

Source: NY Times

[…] As Linda, Elizabeth Mitchell is especially strong in the early going, and the telepic manages a nice balancing act. Linda sleeps with rock stars, falls immediately in love with Paul and takes an active role in pursuing one of the most famous men in the world, yet she always comes off as totally genuine. So many telepics take their primary subject and put them into a passive role — more acted upon than acting. The first half of “The Linda McCartney Story” avoids this trap, and the film moves along at a rapid pace, interweaving the couple’s early years together and the later times when Linda discovers her cancer. […]

[…] Mitchell does her best to show Linda’s stern-faced determination. […]

[…] Mitchell and Bakewell — who also played McCartney in the film “Backbeat” — capture enough chemistry to make the overall romance work. […]

Source: Variety

[…] Elizabeth Mitchell is uncanny as Linda. […]

Source: NY Mag

Elizabeth Mitchell is just as good as Linda, she may not look exactly like Linda McCartney but she does this fantastic job of playing the character and in particular getting across the depth of feeling that Linda had for Paul. It is because both Mitchell and Bakewell commit to bringing the love story to life that you end up forgiving some less than good casting such as Canadian Matthew Harrison doing Mick Jagger. And the good thing is that most of the bad casting choices come early on so get past them and it gets better.
What this all boils down to is that “The Linda McCartney Story” is actually not a bad movie considering it is a TV Movie. With the emphasis being on the relationship between Linda and Paul it does a good job of getting across the love they hade for each other.

Source: The Movie Scene