Man and Boy

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manandboy_elizabethmitchell_IoanGruffudd.jpg|| TV MOVIE || Man and Boy
|| ROLE || Supporting Role
|| AS || Cyd Mason
|| YEAR || 2000 (UK Release date: March 30, 2002)
|| TV|| BBC
|| CURIOSITY || This is the only movie Elizabeth shot in UK for the BBC.
Gary Bakewell plays Paggy’s father.
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Elizabeth Mitchell


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|| CAST ||
Harry Silver: Ioan Gruffudd
Cyd Mason: Elizabeth Mitchell
Gina Silver: Natasha Little
Marty Mann: Ian McShane
Betty Silver: Pauline Collins
Paddy Silver: Jack Shepherd
Nigel Batty: Ian McNeice
Pat Silver: Dominic Howell
Jasmin: Shelley Conn
Eamon Fish: Jason Barry
Sally: Terri Dumont
Steve: Cian Barry
Jim: Gary Bakewell
Richard: Timothy Watson
Glenn: Robyn Hitchcock
Liza: Georgina Rylance
Peggy Mason: Cecilia Peker
Dr Wickham: Leah Muller
Miss Waterhouse: Glenna Morrison
Cliff: William Buckhurst
Carlo: Al Fiorentini
Young waiter: Israel Aduramo
Triage nurse: Beverley Longhurst
Car salesman: Neil Conrich
Secretary: Rebecca Craig
Vicar: Jim McKinney

|| CREW ||
Directed by Simon Curtis
Written by Kevin Hood (adaptation) and Tony Parsons (novel)
Produced by, Katrine Dudley (associate producer), Kate Harwood (producer), Laura Mackie (executive producer)
Music by Robert Lane
Cinematography by Tim Palmer
Editing by Philip Kloss


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High-flying TV exec Harry Silver is growing restless with married life and parenthood.
When his wife Gina discovers he’s had a one-night stand with a work colleague (Jasmine), she walks out on him, leaving the hapless Harry to take care of their for-year old Pat.
She moves to Japan and starts a new life with another man, while Harry loses his job and has to cope with being a single dad.
The going is tough at first, but with the help of his parents and Cyd, the American waitress at Pat’s favourite restaurant, Harry starts to learn some hard lesson about being a good father. He finds a new job and starts a relationship with Cyd, but it seems he still thinks of his wife, who eventually comes back and wants their son with her.
Cyd realizes their relationship is not going anywhere so she leaves him and decides to give another try to the father of her daughter, Paggy.
While Gina and Harry’re fighting for Pat’s custody, Harry’s dad dies and he realizes what is important in life. He is indeed in love with Cyd and Pat needs both parents, so they make a deal: the boy goes to live with his mother but Harry’s still been seeing him every week-end and during the week.
Cyd decides to leave London and go back to Texas because the relationship with Paggy’s dad didn’t work out. She and her daughter are at the airport, ready to take the flight for U.S.A., but Harry arrives just in time to tell her that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, Paggy and Pat and maybe a son of their own, because she is the one.