Nurse Betty

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|| MOVIE || Nurse Betty
|| ROLE ||  Supporting Role
|| AS || The actress who plays Chloe Jensen in the soap opera “A REASON TO LOVE”.
|| YEAR || 2000 (Release date: September 8, 2000)
|| CURIOSITY || You can watch the full parts of the soap opera in the special features of the dvd.
|| BUDGET || $25 million
Total: $29,360,400
USA: $25,170,054
Foreign:   $4,190,346.
The film opened at #2 at USA box office making $7.1 million in its opening weekend.
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A Kansas City waitress, Betty, obsessed with her favourite soap-opera becomes delusional after seeing her husband murdered.  After the shock, she becomes convinced that she is the girlfriend of her soap opera favourite character and that the stories she sees on tv are real. She goes to LA to find the hospital where the doctor works while her husband’s killers are looking for the drugs stolen by him, stored in the trunk of the car Betty drove off in.
Betty meets the actor, George, at a charity function whom he addresses to his soap opera character of David. George thinks that Betty is just an actress determined to get a part in the soap opera, so he decides to play along. After three hours of her “staying in character,” he takes her home.

George begins falling in love with her and he and his producer decide to bring her onto the show as a new character: Nurse Betty. When Betty realizes she is on set of a television show, she finally falls out of her fantasy world and back into real life.

 She now gets that all people around her whom she thought were real are just actors portraying characters. George yelled at her for being a “crazy person” and Betty walks out of the studio.

At home Betty begins to tell her friend, Rosa, what happened, when the two men, Charlie and Wesley, who killed her husband, come into the house to kill them.  The killers are interrupted by the reporter Roy Ostery and Sheriff Ballard from Betty’s home town who have also tracked her down and a hostage situation develops. When Wesley is distracted by Roy who turns on the TV to watch the soap opera, Ballard pulls out a gun hidden in an ankle holster and shoots and kills Wesley. At this point, Charlie flees to the bedroom with Betty where he reveals to her that Wesley is his son. Charlie, rather than being arrested, decides not to kill Betty, and commits suicide by attempting to escape and in so doing is apparently gunned down by the police.

Betty decides to stay in Los Angeles and try to rebuild her life. She is offered a job on the show by George, and she accepts. She appears in 63 episodes and then takes a vacation in Rome. Betty plans to pursue nursing as a career and decides to try out a relationship with George, while her former roommate, Rosa, begins a relationship with Roy.


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|| CAST ||
Elizabeth Mitchell as Chloe Jensen
Morgan Freeman as Charlie
Renée Zellweger as Betty Sizemore
Chris Rock as Wesley
Greg Kinnear as Dr. David Ravell
Aaron Eckhart as Del Sizemore
Tia Texada as Rosa Hernandez
Crispin Glover as Roy Ostery
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Ballard
Allison Janney as Lyla Branch
Kathleen Wilhoite as Sue Ann Rogers

|| CREW ||
Directed by Neil LaBute
Produced by Steve Golin & Gail Mutrux
Written by John C. Richards & James Flamberg
Production by  ntermedia
Distributed by USA Films
Produced by Intermedia
Distributed by USA Films


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DVD | UK Version

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DVD | Italian Version

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