Prosecuting Casey Anthony

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|| ROLE || Linda Burdick, Jess Ashton’s fellow prosecutor
|| FILMINGS || Filmed from May 28 to June 22
|| TV || Lifetime
|| RELEASE’S DATE || 1/19/13
|| OFFICIAL SITE || link
|| LOCATION || Winnipeg (Canada)
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|| CAST ||
Elizabeth Mitchell as Linda Drane Burdick (prosecutor)
Rob Lowe as Jeff Ashton (prosecutor)
David Richmond-Peck as Frank George (prosecutor)
Oscar Nunez as Jose Baez (Casey Anthony’s Lawyer)
Virginia Welch as Casey Anthony
Kevin Dunn as George
Marina Stephenson Kerr as Cindy

|| CREW ||
Directed by:
Peter Werner
Writer: Alison Cross
Produced by: Rob Lowe, Alison Cross, Michelle Manning, Jean Abounader


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The movie is based on Jeff Ashton, the former prosecutor’s book, “Imperfect Justice” about Casey Anthony trial and the verdict that shocked the nation. Casey Anthony was tried for the first degree murder of her daughter Caylee.
Elizabeth Mitchell will play Linda Burdick, Jess Ashton (Rob Lowe)’s fellow prosecutor.
Virginia Welch will play Casey but her role will be limited in what she can portray because all of Casey’s dialogue in the film comes from public records.
The movie will rely heavily on news footage to give the picture a documentary look, and it won’t use re-enactments of Anthony’s life.
Production starts May 28 in Winnipeg and will last 20 days. The film is largely set indoors.


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Rob Lowe (Prosecuting Casey Anthony/The Lyon’s Den)
  • First day shooting Imperfect Justice. Reunited with two of my favourite actors: Elizabeth Mitchell, Kevin Dunn.
David Richmond-Peck
  • Working with Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Mitchell on Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Amazingly taleted actors.


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The only DVD available is a DVDr and it’s old on It’s region free so it works in any DVD player.

DVDr | US Version