Witch Hunt

|| MOVIE || Witch Hunt

|| ROLE || Lead

|| AS || Martha

|| YEAR || March 13, 2020 – World Premiere at SXSW Festival[Cancelled due to Covid-19]

|| STATUS || Production – (Filming May 30, 2019 – June 21)

|| LOCATION || California

|| DIRECTOR || Elle Callahan

|| NEWS || Updates


Photo credits: @elizabeth.mitchell.official + cast & crew of the movie







In a modern America where witches are real and witchcraft is illegal, a sheltered teenager must face her own demons and prejudices as she helps two young witches avoid law enforcement and cross the southern border to asylum in Mexico.

The director said this about the movie in an interview:

It’s about a modern-day witch hunt in a world very similar to our own, but in America witchcraft is illegal and there’s a repercussion for that. It’s very female centric, really revolved all around women and spooky.

Liz about the movie

While she was filming it, Liz told us that she’s loving filming this movie.

On her official ig she wrote:

WITCH HUNT is going to SXSW!!! I’m so excited about this. @ellecallahan is a fiercely talent director and I loved working with her. The entire cast impressed me. @gideonadlon is soooo good. Beautiful, powerful and true. @abbeycowen is a wonder. So beautiful with a quiet gorgeous talent, and @echocampbell made me smile while breaking my heart. @therealcamargo , I mean. He’s perfect. The twins are a joy. Funny, natural and what a gift they have. On a side note, it was fun to be a brunette for a bit. Oddly, I got hit on. A lot. .
I get to see this in March. Happy birthday to me!

And also wrote this to us about the women of this movie:



Cast&Crew About Liz

Jess Varley: “Liz!! Beautiful inside and out!!”


Director: Elle Callahan
Executive Producer: Diane Gooch, Mickey Gooch, Jr., Andre Druskeit, Victor Shapiro
Producer: Eric B. Fleischman, Maurice Fadida
Screenwriter: Elle Callahan
Cinematographer: Nico Aguilar, Tommy Oceanak
Editor: Nick Wright
Production Designer: Holly Trotta
Music: Blitz // Berlin
Principal Cast: Gideon Adlon, Elizabeth Mitchell, Abigail Cowen, Cameron & Nicholas Crovetti, Christian Camargo