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ER Elizabeth Mitchell MQ.jpg|| TV SERIES || ER
|| ROLE || Recurring Role
|| AS || Kim Legaspi, Psychiatrist
|| YEAR || 2000/2001
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Kim Legaspi first appears in season 7 and is introduced as a psychiatrist. Kim later gets involved in a friendship with Kerry Weaver that turns into more than a friendship after Kerry realizes she is a lesbian. Their relationship does not last long because Kerry is in the closet and uncomfortable at being in public with Kim. When Kim is falsely accused of sexual misconduct on a case, Dr. Romano leads a witch hunt and Kerry does not support Kim, leading Kim to break off their relationship. Kerry later tries to reconnect with Kim but Kim had moved on to a new partner. In the season 7 finale “Rampage”, Dr. Romano fires Kim when she doesn’t immediately answer a bogus page from him, and later cites more bogus reasons for terminating her to an aghast Kerry Weaver. Though Kerry comes out to Romano and says she’ll fight him over his treatment of Kim, it’s revealed in the Season 8 premiere that Kim quit at County and took a new position in San Francisco.


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  • 7×03 Mars Attack
  • 7×04 Benton Backwards
  • 7×06 The Visit
  • 7×07 Rescue Me
  • 7×08 The Dance We Do
  • 7×09 The Greatest of Gifts
  • 7×11 Rock Paper Scissors
  • 7×12 Surrender
  • 7×14 A Walk in the Woods
  • 7×15 The Crossing
  • 7×16 Witch Hunt
  • 7×20 Fear of Commitment
  • 7×21 Where the Heart Is
  • 7×22 Rampage


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  • The character, Kim Legaspi, who Elizabeth played in “ER” was only intended to be a one episode appearance. Elizabeth was offered the role and started filming on the same day – she clearly wowed the producers enough for Kim to be written into a long-term part.
  • In “ER” Elizabeth’s character, Dr. Legaspi, went out with two friends called ‘Christy’ and ‘Kate’, it is reported that the names were inspired by the names of Elizabeth’s sisters.


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Laura Innes
  • Innes, who has successfully branched out into directing over the past few years–she was Emmy-nominated for an episode of The West Wing and has directed three impressive ER episodes–cares enough about correctness to have influenced the casting of Mitchell. Originally, another woman was hired for the role, but after they shot a few scenes the chemistry felt off, so Innes politely suggested the producers look elsewhere.
  • “It had nothing to do with the other actress’s ability–it’s just that with her there wasn’t that little buzz, and with Elizabeth there was,” she says. “I wanted the mainstream audience to fall in love with this woman.”
    It wasn’t much of a stretch for Innes–as Kerry–to fall in love with Mitchell’s Kim herself. “I will say that the chemistry that existed between Elizabeth and I was much better than the chemistry that existed with any of the guys they hooked me up with,” she says, smiling. “She’s beautiful, a wonderful actress, and a wonderful person.” During a crucial dinner scene, early in the characters’ flirtation, Innes even let herself briefly feel exactly as the character would.
    “I remember during that scene having a real in-the-moment feeling of wanting to kiss her and being amazed that I was feeling that way,” she says. “It was great. It was like, `Oh, yeah, this feels right.
  • Q: That’s humanity. It’s nice to see it perfect on screen but it’s messy for all of us. You were first paired with actress Elizabeth Mitchell (Dr. Kim Legaspi) who had played another high-profiled lesbian in GIA as Angelina Jolie’s lover. For lesbians watching the show, we were all very aware of who ‘Kim’ was or who she had the potential to be. What can you tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
    A: It was great working with Elizabeth. She is an absolutely wonderful actress and gorgeous and I thought, well, Weaver would NEVER get her! [laughing] I thought, my god [laughing] but it’s a TV show [laughing].
    Q: Why?!!?!
    A: I don’t know. She’s just soooo beautiful and tall and perfect and out!
    Q: You are underestimating the draw of the feisty redhead to us blondes.
    A: [laughing] Well, actually it helped my storyline because I felt like a kid when I was with her, which I thought was appropriate. I kept feeling … (like) this is like Junior High … because (Kerry) doesn’t know what she is doing. This is new. And with Elizabeth, who was so perfect. There was actually another actress cast in that part initially and she was a very good actress, but I went to the producers and I said this woman is very talented and attractive but I don’t think she is going to supply the appeal that I really think is important. Because my whole deal is bring people on board. Get people into this. And Elizabeth is so charismatic. So it was great. She was a joy to work with.