Gramercy Park

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|| TV SERIES || Gramercy Park
|| ROLE || Main cast member
|| AS || Taylor Elliot Quinn, an actress, married to a successful Broadway director who resents the transition to motherhood.
|| YEAR || 2004
|| PREMIERE || Unaired Pilot
|| INFOS|| Originally developed for the 2003 pilot season, but the network determined that while the “Upstairs, Downstairs” themes were interesting, the actual concept needed improvements. The new version focuses on three nannies and their employers in an upscale New York apartment buildingin the Gramercy Park neighbourhood. From Sally Robinson (HBO’s “Iron Jawed Angels”). (2003’s description of then titled “111 Gramercy Park”; Detailing the lives of residents and staff members at a posh New York apartment building.)
|| LOCATION | Los Angeles
|| FILMING || Fiming started on March 16, 2004


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Elizabeth Mitchell


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|| CAST ||

Elizabeth Mitchell as Taylor Elliot Quinn
Paul Blackthorne as Jack Quinn
Milo Ventimiglia as Billy Hanover
Camille Guaty as Maddy Kelly
Izabella Miko as Sophie Mansour
Max Martini as Michael Warner
Megan Dodds as Alison Warner
Robin Thomas as Will
Samaire Armstrong as Jillene
Travis Schuldt as Nick Smythe

|| CREW ||

Production Companies: Tannenbaum Co. in association with
Warner Bros Television
Executive Producer/Writer: Sally Robinson
Executive Producers: Eric Tannenbaum & Kim Tannenbaum
Director: Jeff Bleckner


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DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: 3/4/03 – 2/15/05
STATUS: previously in development (2004-2005 season)
DEVELOPMENT STAGE: ordered to pilot
DESCRIPTION: (from ABC’s press release) There are the wealthy. The very wealthy. And then the obscenely wealthy. They would be the residents of 111 Gramercy Park. Old money, new money, married into money. The only thing they care about more than money is spending it well… and naturally, having children to inherit what’s left. Now meet the overworked, underpaid staff, the nannies who are the only ones allowed to see what really goes on behind closed doors. More intimate than friends, yet still strangers. They have keys to their homes and share secrets about who’s nice, who’s mean, who’s cheap, who cheating, who’s abusive, and who’s an outright criminal. Enter a world where the normal rules just don’t apply – where power and passion fuel ego. Picture the Carringtons, the Colbys, the Ewings, their nannies and help all living together in one perfect Manhattan apartment building. Upstairs and downstairs collide in a true drama of the classes.
STUDIO INFORMATION: Tannenbaum Company, The Warner Bros. Television