House M.D.

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Premi per vedere l'immagine alla massima grandezza|| TV SHOW || House M.D.
|| ROLE || Guest Star
|| ROLE || Sister Mary Augustine, Dr House’s patient
|| EPISODE || 1×05 “Damned If You Do”
|| YEAR || 2004
|| TV|| Fox
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Elizabeth Mitchell


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House has a new patient whose hands are red with boils. She is a nun (Sister Mary Augustine) and all of her fellow nuns believe her condition to be stigmata. After what seems to be an allergic reaction to the medicine House prescribes, Cuddy orders him to research the case. During an MRI, the nun starts to suffer from convulsions. House wonders if her past is coming back to haunt her, as the doctors provide different theories about the nun’s condition. However, only one of them has the correct answer.


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House MD is available on DVD in USA, Europe and Australia. The Blu-ray discs are available only in Europe (UK/France/Germany – region free) for now.

|| BUY || UK DVD | US DVD || UK Bluray | Franch Bluray | German Bluray

You can see the versions we have below.

Bluray box set | German Version

Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_Menu.jpg

DVD box set | UK Version

Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_UK_Version_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_UK_Version_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_UK_Version_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_UK_Version_Menu.png

DVD box set | Italian Version

Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_IT_Version_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_IT_Version_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_DVD_IT_Version_03.jpg

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