|| TV SERIES || Lost
|| ROLE || Main cast member
|| AS || Fertility Doctor Juliet Carlson Burke
|| YEARS ||
2006 – 2010
|| SEASONS || 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – Mobisodes
|| EPISODES || 58 Episodes and 4 mobisodes
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See the whole amazing biography on LostPedia Juliet Burke’s Profile
Divorced from Edward Burke. Lived amongst the Others. Wanted to leave the island to see her dying sister. Ben kept her there because he was obsessed with her.
Betrayed Ben and joined the survivors’ camp, where she competed with Kate for the affection of Jack and Sawyer.
Settled down in the ’70s with Sawyer, who became known as Jim LaFleur, in the Dharma barracks.
STATUS: Dead by fatal fall in the Swan hatch
: James “Sawyer” Ford [Suliet] | 3 years on the Island since 1974
ETERNAL SOULMATE: James Ford in the after life.


First Appearance: A Tale of Two Cities (Season 3, Episode 1)

Juliet makes her debut in the premiere of season 3, but her involvement with the Others goes deeper into the mythos. Although she is presented as an interrogator at first, her initial involvement with the others stems from her skills as a fertility doctor, brought to the island to find a resolution for a phenomenon which resulted in pregnant women dying.

Her flashbacks reveal a woman who was subdued and browbeaten by her manipulative ex-husband, but her tenure on the island has hardened her and molded her into becoming a strong-willed strategist and skilled player at the same kind of game played by Ben Linus, who harbors feelings for her. Originally portrayed as a potential love interest for Jack, after the island shifts in time, Juliet and Sawyer find themselves stranded in time, and begin a relationship instead.

Trivia: Juliet was brought to the island as a researcher in 2001 and lived among the Others for three years. After traveling back in time, she ends up living with the precursors of the Others—the Dharma Initiative—for yet another three years. Since her initial stay was one in which she was prevented from leaving, she is effectively stranded on the island twice as long as any other survivors.

Season 3

(18 Episodes)

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Season 4

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Season 5

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Season 6

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“LOST: MISSING PIECES” (4 Mobisodes)

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Cast about Liz

Josh Holloway
  • “I love Elizabeth as a person. And as an actress, she’s a pro. She’s very still.”
  • ‘It was a lot of fun working with Elizabeth Mitchell in developing that relationship.”
  • “And thank goodness I was working with such a professional. She is so good.”
  • “But when you have an actress like Elizabeth Mitchell looking in your eyes, it’s like, okay, BAM, and everything else goes away. It was heartwrenching but fulfilling.”
  • “To explore that avenue with her is so easy. I couldn’t have more fortunate as far as the actress I was working with. She was amazing. We were able to sell it and actually sell it to ourselves and that felt great.”
Rebecca Mader
  • Q: Could you please describe Elizabeth Mitchell in one word
    A: Effervescent!
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell, the chemistry between our characters was fun. I loved being in scenes with Juliet. She was like a big sister. She’s full of love. Being around her had this effect, where I’d want to curl up in a ball and have her pet your head. She’s one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.”
  • “I love Liz Mitchell – Juliet?. She’s the bomb! She is really nice and I love having her around. Sometimes I get lonely and if I need a hug, Liz is there to deliver. It’s like having a sister. And being so far from home, that’s important.”
  • “She’s beautiful, a wonderful actress, and a wonderful person.”
  • I heart Elizabeth Mitchell. She shares her candy.
Michael Emerson
  • Q: Biggest Lost hottie: Kate or Juliet?
    ME: That’s a toss-up. I think the two of them cover all the heat of womanhood. Ben always had feelings for Juliet, so maybe a slight edge for Elizabeth [Mitchell].
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell and I are Lost classmates. We were the ones who were freshman when everyone else was a sophomore. I will be forever linked to her that way. I like the way she works. She’s a theater actress, and we always have a good time and a lot of crackle in our scenes.”
  • “She’s such a great addition to the story and I think she’s far scarier than Ben ’cause she has that off-hand coolness and to be so beautiful while doing it is just so – extraordinary.”
  • The interviewer said Elizabeth looks better in the 70? and…”She looks better wherever she is.”
  • On a scale of one to 10, how Michael Emerson would rate Elizabeth Mitchell’s awesomeness? “It would be a number higher than 10.”
  • Q: You seem to have some awesome chemistry with the cast members. Are there any specific ones you prefer working with?
    ME: I love working with Elizabeth [Mitchell, who plays Juliet] because partly I think she’s the scariest character.
    Q:I have to agree with that because I still can’t figure her out.
    ME: I know. Isn’t she mysterious? I do a lot of ambiguous playing myself. I think she’s the queen of ambiguity. She can do more with an arched eyebrow than anybody else with their whole arsenal. (starpulse interview)
  • What television shows do you watch at home? “During the last year, my wife and I have watched Nurse Jackie and FlashForward. We always check out the shows that other people from Lost star in, like V, because Elizabeth Mitchell is in it.”
  • I’m going to name three of your ‘Lost’ cast mates. You tell me what you’ll remember most about working with each. “Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet). A great dinner companion.”
  • Which scene was the most memorable to shoot? “They fall into different categories – the dramatic, the humorous, and the absurd. My favorite light-hearted scene is cooking dinner for Juliet; it was so much fun, so out of character and so absurdly domestic of Benjamin.”
Matthew Fox
  • “She’s so simple and pure, and at the same time subtly plays so many complex things underneath that are so right on.”
Evangeline Lilly
  • “What about Elizabeth Mitchell…Talk about Elizabeth Mitchell”… She’s pretty easy to talk about, as some of you already know I’m deeply and madly in love with Elizabeth Mitchell who played Juliet on Lost. She’s my very good friend and she is such a soulful person, a real person, who’s not caught up in the Hollywood bullshit and really has her priorities straight and (she’s) really really smart. (February 2, 2018) [VIDEO]
  • But I’m really, really happy they brought Liz (Mitchell) back because she became my best friend on the show and I was really upset when they killed off Juliet.
  • Liz Mitchell might be one of the BEST people I’ve met in my ten years in “the industry”.
  • (about who’s her favorite person to work with) Elizabeth Mitchell
  • (about if it was hard to say goodbye to Elizabeth Mitchell at the end of season 5) Yes, I felt very lonely when she left.
  • She’s one of my besties 😉
  • Elizabeth Mitchell. Incredible woman. Incredible grace.
  • (about who she is still in touch with) Just Jeremy Davies and the beautiful Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell IS amazing. Lovely.
  • “Lost brought a little of stability in my life. It has been five years since I am all the time with the same people. I met people whom I like, in particular Elizabeth Mitchell, who became my best friend. “
  • “With Elizabeth, I have the biggest crush on her, she is one of the women in the camp with her yin and yang intact. It’s so exciting when you identifiy with each other and immediately know that you can bring your ‘A’game. You can go there, and you know they are not going to back down or get competitive, jealous or angry.”
Ian Somerhalder
  • “Phenomenally talented. Beautiful woman. I have a huge crush on her.”
Yunjin Kim
  • (on having to slap Elizabeth in Ji Yeon) “I was like, “Oh man! I don’t want to do this because Elizabeth is such a sweetie!” But she wanted it!”
Carlton Cuse
  • “As the story is now nearing its conclusion, some characters just aren’t going to make it all the way to the end. Even beloved characters aren’t going to make it all the way to the end. And sometimes we have to do things that are really painful, like killing Juliet, because that’s what makes the story feel like the stakes are genuine, and people feel invested that characters who are beloved can actually perish on our show. It was an enormously powerful story that concluded the entire season of the show. So she was sacrificed in service of the story, and I think was hugely responsible for the season being viewed as successful because that was how it ended.… But she will always loom as one of our favorite characters, and even more importantly, favorite people that we’ve ever worked with on this show.”
  • “She is this very beautiful, very engaging actor, but she thinks of herself as being a bit of a geek. So there’s a quality of unawareness of her own beauty. And her own ability to underestimate herself in a way makes her more appealing.”
Damon Lindelof
  • “The thing that Elizabeth does, and continued to do over the course of the show, is listen. She is one of the best listeners. You could cut to Elizabeth almost any time someone else is talking and watch her listening to them, and you could just see the wheels turning. You never really knew what was going on in Juliet’s head. The fact that she was conveying that something was going on but she didn’t want you to know what it was was endlessly fascinating.”
  • Lindelof on Elizabeth Mitchell: “She has been amazing with executing our vision of the show. That was something we presented to her when we told her, Hey, you’re falling into a hole and sustaining some rather significant injuries, and we have some plans for you in the next season that will allow you to go and do another show, but we hope you will continue and stay with us for a little bit. And she was awesome.”
  • “What always gives us pause—especially in this instance—is we just love working with Elizabeth. And she always brings it, she always gives more than we expected, and transcends the material. She has always been so gracious and sweet and lovely…. That conversation [in which he and Cuse delivered the bad news] went the same way that the entire relationship did, which is Elizabeth was completely understanding, sweet, and wonderful. And she was bummed, as were we.”
  • “She somehow plays the girl next door… but a girl next door you wouldn’t want to piss off”
  • “Elizabeth radiates a visceral intelligence as an actor, not surprisingly, given how smart she is as a person,”
  • “Her mix of beauty, smarts, and mystery makes her always beguiling and always very watchable.”
Terry O’Quinn
  • “She’s kind, generous, and a pleasure to be around”
Robin Weigert (Rachel)
  • I’m a fan of Liz… Would love to see her again. [NEW]
M.C. Gainey (Tom Friendly)
  • “The great thing about the season was the addition of Juliet. Elizabeth Mitchell is so fantastic. I wasn’t just taking orders from Ben, there was also Juliet and Isabel (Diana Scarwid), and other Others around – there was a whole hierarchy. Plus, Elizabeth was a dream to work with. I think she should get an Emmy for her work this year. She was sensational and what an amazing breath of fresh air she was for the Others. She’s a strong woman who was also a prisoner. She had a very complicated character arc to play and she played it brilliantly, I was blown away by her work.”
Eric Lange (Radzinsky)
  • “Both (Evangeline Lilly) she and Elizabeth Mitchell were great to work with, total professionals.”
Gregg Nations
  • “My favourite one for the third season is One Of Us. That’s the one where Juliet comes back to the camp, Claire gets sick and miraculously Juliet can help us. Then you find out in her back-story it was all planned. I really like Elizabeth Mitchell as an actress. She is amazing and I love seeing her on screen. I love Michael Emerson too. That whole episode was mainly them in the flashback and it was wonderful to watch them together. I loved that scene in the kitchen when she is yelling at him. They are having this huge confrontation, she slaps the glass out of his hand, and ends up on the counter with gut wrenching crying. I got chills watching the daillies. That episode came together so well and Jack Bender who directedit, did such an incredible job. Everyone was spectacular in this episode.”
Marsha Thomason (Naomi)
  • “Yes, I auditioned for three different characters. I auditioned for Juliet, for Nikki and then I auditioned for Naomi. But just to say, honestly, Elizabeth Mitchell is so brilliant as Juliet. Whenever you’ve auditioned for something and you don’t get it, if you care enough, you check who they gave it to. That role was one of those where I said, “Fair enough!” because Elizabeth is amazing. She isn’t anything like Juliet, and that’s what’s so great about it. Having her play Juliet makes absolute sense. The same with Nikki too, so I was just thrilled that finally they found something for me that worked out.”
Mark Goldman (LOST editor/director)
  • “And I was so broken up about poor Juliet. I met Elizabeth Mitchell and wanted her to be my best friend. I introduced her to my wife and she felt the same way [laughs]!”
Adam Horowitz (LOST/Once Upon A Time writer/producer)
  • Why they couldn’t cast Liz as Glinda on Once Upon A Time.
    “love her. But she’s on another show.”
Leslie Ishii (Mrs. Chang)
  • “Matthew Fox does a great job as Jack. I enjoy the Locke character, too. I met Terry O’Quinn and he was wonderful, very friendly. I met Elizabeth Mitchell and she was friendly, and Josh Holloway was very welcoming and friendly. What’s lovely about this cast is that you never get a sense of hierarchy on set. It was a real pleasure to work with and meet all of them.”



Emmy Award (2010) Nominated as Outstanding Guest Star in a Drama Series for: “Lost”
Golden Nymph – Monte Carlo (2009) Nominated as Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for: “Lost”
Saturn Award (2009) Nominated as Best Supporting Actress on Television for: “Lost”
Saturn Award (2008) Won as Best Supporting Actress on Television for: “Lost”
Golden Nymph – Monte Carlo (2008) Nominated as Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for: “Lost”
Break Through Award (2007) Won as Best Supporting Actress on Television for: “Lost”
Saturn Award (2007) Nominated as Best Supporting Actress on Television for: “Lost”
Golden Nymph – Monte Carlo (2007) Nominated as Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for: “Lost”
Saturn Award (2006) Nominated as Best Supporting Actress on Television for: “Lost”
EWwy Award (2009) (EW) Won as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for: “Lost”
Tater Tops Award (2009) (E!) Won as Best Drama Queen for: “Lost”

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