Spin City

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Premi per vedere l'immagine alla massima grandezza|| TV SERIES || Spin City
|| ROLE || Guest Star
|| AS || Nancy Wheeler, determined woman, who steps in to take her husband’s place in the running for Mayor
|| EPISODE || 6×10 “Fight Club”
|| YEAR || 2001
|| BUY || US DVD



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Elizabeth Mitchell


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The Mayoral race hits a snag when Mayor Winston’s opponent suffers a heart attack which forces him to drop out of the running, but his wife, Nancy Wheeler, steps in to take his place and surges in the polls due to an outpouring of sympathy. Meanwhile, Charlie gets punched in the face by Caitlin’s new love interest and she makes him promise to be the bigger man by not fighting back.


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Season 6 of Spin City is available on DVD in USA and Australia.

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