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[CYRUS] Male. Late 30’s. Open ethnicity. He was once a fierce, proud soldier, Cyrus is now a jittery man in his late-30s, desperately trying to hold it together. Guest star.


[MARY FALKNER] 30s. Open ethnicity. Actor must have amazing emotional range. She is the widow of the downed F-16 Fighter Pilot, which crashed when the spaceships arrived in the Pilot, and has been on a hunger strike ever since…POSSIBLE RECUR

[BILLY HAMIL] 19-21 yrs.- Troubled. He lost his parents a few years ago and he is alone and impressionable. He’s trying to find his place in the world. He’s been having terrible dreams and is afraid they may come true. Please submit Actors with wide emotional range…Guest Star-Possible Recurring Arc

[TERESA] Early 30s. Caucasian- Attractive, lovely and angelic woman with an inner strength who befriends Billy. Guest Star

[JOANNE MADDOX] 30s. Attractive. Open ethnicity. Joanne is married to Dale. She’s clearly upset and devastated when Dale doesn’t return home and is presumed missing…Possible recurring role. Guest star.


[VALERIE HOLT] African-American; 35-40; RYAN (Morris Chestnut) love interest, Valerie is a smart, warm, loving, and thoughtful psychologist — and is there for RYAN when the going gets tough. 10/13 SERIES REGULAR. PILOT AND SERIES SHOOT IN VANCOUVER.

[GEORGIE] late 20’s/early 30s, MALE, any ethnicity. An intense, edgy, mysterious Resistance leader, with a powerful speaking voice, who drags old friend Ryan back into their old life…POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE (40)

[DALE MADDOX] 44 years old, Hispanic, Erica’s partner in the FBI Counter Terrorists Division and a close friend. Like Erica, he’s spent years tracking a variety of sleeper cells in the Los Angeles area. He and Erica go undercover to penetrate the anti-Visitor resistance group…POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE (16)

Source: SpoilerTV