ABC- November 2009

Noveber 6, 2009

Get to know the cast as they get personal and reveal their guilty pleasures and other random details of their lives.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Worst job? Oh, you know, I was a really terrible secretary. Truly horrible. I didn’t know any of the computer programs I was supposed to know. And I really just wanted to act so I would be consistently looking at auditions online. And I think the woman who — I was a temp — the woman who hired me was finally like, you should just go home. (LAUGH) I was like, oh, oh, okay cool. And I think it was over at Nabisco, too. So I just ate there all day. But yeah, that wasn’t so great. I mean there are other things that were harder or were more menial or more this, but that one was truly demeaning.

Was your first celebrity crush?
James Spader. For sure.

Any role in particular?
Pretty in Pink. ‘Cause he was just a terrible guy. And you know at that age, that’s all you’re looking for, is like the worst guy possible.

Do you have a favorite stress food or guilty pleasure?
Yeah, I have lots of stress foods. Spaghetti and meatballs, chocolates. You know, there are the usuals… cheese. I like all of those things. I don’t eat ’em all the time when I’m working ’cause they tend to make you a little low-energy, but yeah. And I like bread. French bread and butter. French bread and Brie. You know, a glass of wine.

As a child, around the holidays, was there one gift that you craved more than anything?
Yeah, I wanted a snowcone maker, desperately wanted a snowcone maker. I believe I eventually I got a snowcone maker and it broke and I never looked at it again. But I did, I wanted one desperately. And a Make-and-Bake Oven. My friend had one. I think my sisters finally bought me one. Or I bought them one, this was like two years ago when we were all older and we were all like kids. We’re like, look, it’s a Make-and-Bake Oven! My parents thought it was a little frivolous at the time. And they were actually right. (LAUGH) It was.

It’s amazing how that stuff bakes by a light bulb.
It’s true, but yeah, you don’t want to think that way as a kid. You want to think there’s some magic.