Angelina Jolie’s biography by Kathleen Tracy

This is an extract from Angelina Jolie’s biography by Kathleen Tracy

Rounding out the cast of Gia were Faye Dunaway as Wilhelmina, Mercedes Ruehl as Gia’s mother, Kathleen, and Elizabeth Mitchell as Gia’s lover, Linda. Cristofer selected Mitchell over two other hundred other actresses after seeing her in Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women on Broadway. Mitchell’s career was launched in 1994 on the ABC soap Loving – an experience that was anything but warm and fuzzy. “I was a perfectionist,” Mitchell admitted to People magazine. “I’d tell the writers, ‘I can’t say this!’ So I got fired.”

Some actors still worry that playing a gay character will negatively affect their careers, but not Mitchell. She maintained that she thoroughly enjoyed playing Jolie’s on-screen lover. “We did this one love scene on the bed where we were laughing so hard we were shaking, the whole bed was shaking,” she told Natasha Stoynoff of the Toronto Sun. “The director was yelling, ‘Stop it! Stop it!’ Angelina and I tried to think of sad things so we wouldn’t laugh, but everything we thought of became absurd and funny, so it got worse and worse and worse.” Then Mitchell added, “She’s got such beautiful lifs and they’re all her own. She’s all real. She’s a work of nature. She hasn’t put herself together at the plastic surgeon’s office… My character is very much like me in real life – she’s very straight-laced. Angelina is different. She’s this force of nature. She is a firestorm.”

Jolie was equally at ease with the love scenes, admitting to Elizabeth Snead of USA Today that, like Gia, she finds women sexually attractive. “People keep asking, ‘What was it like to sleep with a woman?’ It was fine, it was nice, she was beautiful. What’s the problem?” Pursuing the topic with Amy Longsdorf in Playboy, Jolie said, “I really don’t see anything physical as being that important. I mean, I don’t see women, men or black, white. I don’t see a handicapped person; I just see the person. I see the aura, the energy.”

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