AOL – November 14, 2009

November 14, 2009

Elizabeth Mitchell Gets Feisty and Talks ‘V’ Showdowns and Returning to ‘Lost

Elizabeth Mitchell has quickly become every geek’s dream girl. Not only is she out for alien blood in ABC’s new hit series ‘V,’ but she’s also reprising her role as Juliet, the bomb-detonating bad girl gone good, for the final season of ‘Lost.’

And did we mention she’s positively lovely in person? That’s a pretty amazing trifecta of awesomeness right there.

AOL TV visited the set of ‘V‘ in Vancouver to chat with all of the cast members — who were wrapping up the fourth and final installment of this first pod of episodes — including the busy, multi-tasking Ms. Mitchell. While she wouldn’t give too much away, she did talk about her character’s feisty attitude, trigger temper and the “painful” battle to come.

Read our Q&A to get the full scoop on her inevitable showdown with V queen Anna and why you won’t want to miss the first two minutes of the second episode. And if you’re dying to hear about her return to ‘Lost,’ we’ve got a little tease of that too …

This “pod” of the first four episodes has been so publicized — what are your thoughts on the pod?
I do have thoughts on the pod, but I’ve expressed my thoughts on the pod pretty much. The pod will either work or it will not. The pod was exciting because we got to do a lot of fun stuff in the pod. The pod got pumped up — the pod got some steroids — and the pod was really fun. So the really exciting part about all of this, and what we’ve been saying back-and-forth a million times, is that it’s worth it. You know, most of the time you want to build the hype so that something less than adequate can be put out there and people will swallow it. [Laughs] But with this, we’re like, just watch it. That’s all we really want you to do, is actually just turn on your television and watch it … because then you’re gonna want to watch the next one. Because it’s good!

What more do you know about your character, Erica?
I’ve learned that she has somewhat of a quick trigger temper. I’ve learned that she’s good at juggling working and motherhood, but not very. [Laughs] She’s a wonderful mother, but she’s also incredibly split. She’s so good at what she does, she’s so good at her job … she’s so good at getting in there and figuring it all out. I think, as in all people who do heroic things, she feels like if she’s not there doing it, then the world will fall to pieces. And, in this case, it probably will! [Laughs] I’ve enjoyed that. And I’ve enjoyed the losing of the temper too, because I don’t get to do that very much.

So much about the temper — I can’t wait!
She’s a feisty thing, which I’m happy about. Feisty is really fun and feisty, to me, speaks of action heroes of old. I prefer the feisty. I also think feisty keeps you from being bitter and worn down. Feisty to me is my favorite quality.

How much time will you be spending aboard the V ship? Obviously your TV son has some big plans there …

Yeah, he’s in love — and he should be because Laura [Vandervoort] is awe-some! She’s not only hot, but there’s something — she’s got this thing.

Have you had a showdown with Morena Baccarin’s character Anna yet?

I have not gotten to face off with Morena. I will, of course, get to face off with Morena. I really want them to build that as long as possible. Morena and I are both like, as far as our characters go, like yeah! Bring it on!

But there will be a showdown, right?
I know there will be — I can tell you without a doubt there will be, of course. It’s inevitable. But it’s gonna be painful. With the things we find in the next couple of episodes, you’ll see … it’s even more painful. I can take her … I’ve got a couple of inches on her, lizard or no. [Laughs]

If somehow people missed the premiere, what’s the one thing you think will hook them on the show?
The first two minutes of the second episode! [Laughs] The first two minutes are the freaking like best two minutes. And I literally — when I read it for the first time, I put it down, and [my husband] Chris was like, “How are you?” because I’m such a skeptic. And I was like, “It’s good!” So I’m sorry to say I can’t tell you why … but just watch the first two minutes, and I don’t think you’ll be able to get up. [Laughs] You’ll be like, “What just happened?!”

One of the best parts of the pilot was Alan Tudyk playing your lizardly partner … please say we’ll see him again.
Yeah, we will see him again. And, of course, I consistently on a daily basis call everyone like, “You know I love Alan, right?” [Laughs] I got to see some scenes cut — his next stuff — and I’m like, “Are you seeing him?” They completely agree with me, he’s just doing ‘Dollhouse’ [also] … so he will be here as much as he can, I hope. I think he’s phenomenal, and as with all lizard things, what is is probably not what it is again. God, that’s such a ‘Lost’ thing to say … but it’s really true.

Speaking of other jobs of yours, what are your plans for this little break?
I go to L.A. for a very tiny independent movie, I go to Hawaii to go shoot ‘Lost,’ I take a breather and let my son go to preschool for a week and then I come back here. [Laughs] It’s not a very long break, but it’s OK … it’ll be quick and then we’ll be back, and I’m excited about that.

And ‘Lost‘! How long will you be in Hawaii to shoot? And is it weird going back now?
Um, not for very long, but I’ll go back and forth to Hawaii. I’ll be making little excursions to see my friends. A lot of times people come back onto the show, and I was like, “It must feel weird for them.” And it didn’t — it was like, “Oh hi everybody!” I had a great time the first time around … I mean, I had to come in completely there and very strong because that’s how the character was. I don’t think I stepped on any toes … I try to do my work as quietly as possible. But, you know, it was Matthew [Fox] and I, and he’s certainly up for a good fight. [Laughs] I got in there and Matthew and I were just instantly like, “Alright, alright,” like pacing and looking at each other. [Laughs] As far as ‘Lost‘ goes, I can’t believe they welcomed me the way they did [the first time]! And it’s the same way now — they’re just good people.


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