AOL – November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

V Star Elizabeth Mitchell Dispels Rumors of Show Being Retooled

Many sci-fi fans were ecstatic at the arrival of ‘V‘ last week — it became the biggest scripted debut pilot of the fall season — even as some hardcore fans from back in the day were cringing at what the reboot will bring.
And yet despite the premiere’s success, a persistent rumor has swirled that producers are retooling the show. Scott Rosenbaum has replaced Scott Peters as showrunner and executive producer of ‘V,’ while executive producer Jeff Bell has left; hence, there will be no episodes between December and March or April. One other reason that the show’s taking a hiatus is to avoid competition with the Winter Olympics broadcasts — but some people are presuming that the show is in trouble.
Star Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays heroic FBI agent Erica Evans, set the record straight exclusively for AOL TV.

“It wasn’t a retooling of the show,” Mitchell explained. “I read the [original] script and the rewrite of the script. Retooling can have any definition. What exactly happened was that they [ABC] didn’t think that the pilot would be as well received as it was, and when it was they got really excited and just wanted to bump everything up. So everything that we have gone back to reshoot has been to bump up the action, bump up the gadgets, bump up the effects, bump up the drama and move people closer together to make things more scary and tenuous. Instead of slowly reeling people in, they’re just doing it a little bit faster.”

Mitchell added that the characters and actual scenes have not changed, it’s just that the intensity has increased. “There was this new technology that came into it because they wanted to keep it going,” she reported. “We start out episode 2 with some really crazy stuff that’s probably my favorite, and there is one [thing] in episode 4 where I was like, ‘Yeah!’ Just as a sci-fi fan. We reshot stuff for every episode, but we didn’t change the heart of any of the scenes. We just amped it up. I can tell you that I did a lot more running in the reshoots than I did [originally].” With a laugh, she concluded, “I’m now running and hitting things quite a lot, and I think that was their intention.”