Back Smith Hollywood – February 2010


Elizabeth Mitchell Makes Triple-Duty Work for Her

Elizabeth Mitchell says her friends are teasing her “that I’m taking all the jobs.”

Actually, it’s just two plum jobs — Dr. Juliet Burke on “Lost” and FBI agent Erica Evans on “V” — that have Mitchell flying high these days. The double-duty work might generate stress for someone else in her shoes, but she’s simply focusing on “the good stuff. They put me on a plane and pick me up. It’s quite a luxury, compared with taking the subway and having to walk for eight blocks.”

She notes, “I understand there are elements that make things complicated — having a four-year-old, not getting to see my husband as much as I want. But, I’m not a person to get caught up in stress. When things aren’t perfect, I just figure, ‘We’ll work it out.’”

Elizabeth works it out by taking son CJ with her on her series locations and spending off-time with the youngster and her actor/husband Chris Soldevilla at their get-away home on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Mitchell, who played Mrs. Claus in the last two installments of “The Santa Clause,” and was Dennis Quaid’s co-star in the big-screen “Frequency,” reveals she and her husband discovered the retreat in a flight from L.A. to Vancouver when they were over the Seattle area, looked down “and Saw the San Juan Islands — perhaps the most beautiful places I’d ever seen. We knew right then that that was the area when we wanted to settle down.”

She expects “Lost” to finish production in late March or early April, “with the last script probably arriving with eight armed guards.”

She’s proud of ABC for dropping the show after this, its sixth season, reasoning, “It was brave of the network to make it as good as it could be and then letting it go. Networks and studios want to make money, of course. And, I think ABC’s artistic integrity was pretty cool to let ‘Lost’ go.”

“Maybe it will start a trend with the other studios — dropping series when they are as good as they can get. I don’t follow the numbers all that much, but I know ‘Lost’ hung onto the core group it really wanted. Overall, ratings might have slipped, but it has been doing well with the demographics, and those are what matter.”

Source: backsmithhollywood