Canoe – March 2010

MARCH 2010

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke
Sawyer (Josh Holloway, left) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) in one of Lost’s heartbreaking death scenes.

LOS ANGELES — Elizabeth Mitchell said she was shocked by the outpouring of grief from fans when her character on Lost was killed earlier this season.

“That was surprising,” said Mitchell, who played Juliet. “I never thought Juliet was particularly likable, so I was surprised that people were sad that she died.”

Mitchell has gone on to star in V, which returns with a new episode March 30 on ABC and A. Lost, meanwhile, is in the middle of its sixth and final season on ABC and CTV.

In Lost, of course, death is a relative thing. Mitchell is returning to the show in some form, and she said she was due to receive the series-finale script some time this week.

When asked if Juliet and Sawyer (played by Josh Holloway) might be living together happily in Lost’s alternate universe, Mitchell said, “I love to think that.”

Mitchell chuckled when considering that Juliet kind of died twice. She fell down a well in the finale of Season 5, and was presumed dead, but then she was still breathing for a short time in the first episode of Season 6, just long enough to die in Sawyer’s arms.

“I had somebody say to me, ‘Like, really? I already cried!’ ” Mitchell said with a laugh. “And I was like, ‘Well, we didn’t ask you to cry again! I didn’t write it! They just asked me to come back and I said yes!’

“So maybe a little overkill on that one.”

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