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Elizabeth Mitchell on Motherhood: Better To Be a Parent, Not a Friend

As her future on the hit show Lost was recently put into question with the season finale’s cliffhanger, Elizabeth Mitchell has turned her attention to ABC’s new pilot V, in which she plays a Homeland Security agent whose son is being used as a pawn by aliens. Fortunately, actress — a mother herself in real life to Christopher ‘C.J.’ Joseph, 4 next month — was able to easily relate to her character’s desire to protect her child.

“They say that when you have a child, for the rest of your life your heart walks around outside of your body,” she tells Celebrity Baby Blog.
“I don’t think you really experience that until you see it, until you have it. I feel that way with my son. He walks around and I’m like [gasps]. I don’t do that with him because I want him to be strong and vibrant and happy, but in my mind I’m the worst case scenario mom.”

While Elizabeth, 39, would love nothing more than to “gather him up and keep him close,” the doting mom was recently made well-aware of the fact that her son is growing wise beyond his years. Following a recent argument with her husband Chris Soldevilla — who has “put everything on hold” to run the household — she approached C.J. to talk about the situation, only to be caught off guard by the boy’s response! “I said, ‘Sweetie, do you know whose fault that was?’ — and I thought that he was going to say his own, but he said, ‘Well, Daddy’s, obviously,’” she recalls.
“I was like, ‘No, bubba. It was Mommy and Daddy’s together and not yours. He goes, ‘Well, that’s weird.’”
Calling kids simply “amazing,” Elizabeth reveals that the best advice concerning parenthood was given to her by her own mother. “She always said that it’s better to be a mother than a kind of friend, but to listen to every single thing that they say because they pick up on everything,” she states.

The season premiere of V airs Tuesday, November 3rd at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Source: Celebrity Babies