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MAY 2009

Elizabeth Mitchell

When we knew we were going to be photographing Elizabeth Mitchell for this issue, we were understandably excited. She’s an actress with an impressive career including hit shows such as ER, Spin City, Law and Order SVU, CSI, Boston Legal and House M.D., and an infamous role playing Angelina Jolie’s girlfriend in the movie Gia. She currently stars as Dr Juliet Burke on the cult hit show Lost, and is soon to grace our screens in the new ABC pilot V. A remake of the 1980’s classic science fiction mini series, this new role is now sparking much speculation about whether Juliet is about to be killed off our favorite show, and of course, we had to ask!

Coco Eco Magazine: Thank you so much for joining us today.
Elizabeth Mitchell: My pleasure. It was really fun. I had a great time. The clothes were really amazing.

CEM: Let’s talk about the clothes. You’re environmentally conscious. Who do you like?
EM: Pretty much everyone I saw today. You showed me things. I loved the bamboo. I wore a black dress and it killed me. Who was that by?

CEM: That was LTR Brands by Tiffany Parros.
EM: It was gorgeous. I have several bamboo nightgowns but I had no idea they were making these incredible evening clothes. I like to wear something that’s sexy, well at least I perceive it to be sexy, and at the same time I feel like I have a cozy nightgown on.

CEM: Yes, there’s nothing like walking around feeling like you’re ready for bed!
EM: I really could. I could have been tucked in and been fine. It’s the kind of dress you could fall asleep in. Be a good thing to wake up in. It looks stunning.

CEM: Do you find it easy to buy eco friendly products and clothing?
EM: Well I live in Seattle so it’s easier than you think. There are several places that specialize in just that, and I do enjoy that. I also buy a lot of reused things, thrift store things. I like the idea of completely reusing what you have. My husband’s giving away all these used shirts and I’m going to make them into a quilt because I don’t want to just have them be gone. Lately it’s becoming really easy to buy green. Not everywhere, but definitely in Seattle.

CEM: What are some of the other eco practices you do in your daily life?
EM: I ride a bike pretty much everywhere. I walk like crazy. My husband and I always share. We don’t go our separate ways. We share the car, and we have a car full of people for the most part, but if we can walk there, we will, or if we can bike there, we’ll bike there. We compost and we recycle. We live in a teeny teeny tiny house so we can do all those things, and we have no heat and no air conditioning.

CEM: What was your inspiration to go green? How did you become involved?
EM: I’ve always thought about it really. It’s not something I did consciously and I felt we were consuming a tremendous amount and that it was easy to consume less. And also where I moved to, and the little town where I live, everyone feels that way. You see the trash cans here and they are just so huge, and the trashcans we have you could put your arms around them for the most part. And we have huge recycling bins and there are places all along the way where you can take your kitchen scraps, and it’s just kind of a way of life. It was a pretty easy transition.

CEM: Do you have any advice you would give other women wanting to live a more eco-aware lifestyle?
EM: Pick two days out of every month to do things perfectly. Just two. Create no trash, only recycle and compost. If you don’t compost, find a place that will take your kitchen waste. Bike when possible, carpool when not. Eat what’s in season; carry your own bags everywhere. It’s two days, try it on. And practice tolerance and grace. That’s my advice.

CEM: All right. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Let’s talk about Lost. How on earth do you manage to keep up with the plotlines? Moving backwards and forwards in time?
EM: When you say it, it sounds like Lust! I like Lost tremendously. I’ve enjoyed it and have gotten to work with some beautiful men, and Evangeline who’s an angel, so I love that show. I love the writing.

CEM: But how do you keep up with the twists and turns? And your character, Dr Juliet Burke? She has been sweet at some times, and quite evil at others.
EM: She does seem a little evil at times. I think it’s never really been an issue for me as far as the understanding of it because I get to read it and as a result it’s very clear. As far as the twists and turns go, I kind of made her somewhat twisty and turny to begin with so it’s kind of like reading a mystery novel only it’s you. You’re the one, which is kind of cool. If other people could do it, they’d love it. I have a great time.

CEM: So it’s not as if you’re really going to tell me, but we’re not going to see you leave at the end of this season are we?
EM: I don’t think so. No, but who knows? The end of this season is such a game changer that you’ll be amazed.

CEM: And I am asking of course because you are guest starring on V, which is the new ABC sci-fi pilot. Tell me about that.
EM: It’s pretty awesome. Everyone pretty much remembers it. Well, everyone my age remembers the original series and they just reinvented it. It was cool then but it’s also pretty cool now. I was happy to do it.

CEM: What character are you playing?
EM: They actually took one of the male roles, the protagonist, and made her a female, which I really like, so she’s a kick ass girl!

CEM: Nice. And tonight you’re on Kimmel?
EM: Yes and I’m very excited about that.

CEM: Is it your first time?
EM: It is my first time doing a kind of late night talk show as well so hopefully I don’t trip, or any of the other things that I do which are immensely dorky which I probably will of course. You know, I’ll probably trip over my tongue a million times but it will be fun. He’s funny and he loves Lost so we can talk about that for hours!

With such an esteemed body of work and being so in demand in Hollywood, you might expect her to be the a-typical LA diva, obsessed with her own self-importance and image, yet she is refreshingly down to earth, charming and fun. Juggling the demands of a successful career with marriage and motherhood, she chooses to live a modest, eco conscious life on a quiet island in Seattle as opposed to being in the full media glare of Hollywood. We still have no idea of what the future holds for Dr Juliet Burke, but for Elizabeth Mitchell, it’s looking really good! Look for V on ABC this coming fall!

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