Comic Con Interviews – July 2009

“I don’t think I would have been nominated for an Emmy without you”- Elizabeth Mitchell on the fan support

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Saturday afternoon at Comic-Con, the panel for V was presented. In attendance were Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin, Joel Gretsch, Morris Chestnut, Laura Vandervoort, Logan Huffman, Charles Mesure, and producers Steve Pearlman and Scott Rosenbaum. How is Season Two going to top Season One? Rosenbaum says that the second season will reveal the Visitors’ true reasons for coming to Earth. Further, thie meaning of the Red Sky will be known by the end of the season premiere.

Gretsch is asked if there will be more “Action Jack” next season. Rosenbaum steps in and says that, yes, viewers will see more of a “Soldier Priest” than vice versa. Mitchell is asked about the strong characters she has played before; what makes Erika unique? She laughs, because she usually thinks of what Erika the same as other women. She does say that Erika’s humanity is a major focus for her. Baccarin is asked about her V babies being destroyed, and her subsequent scream, the first emotion she has shown. She responds that is an interesting conflict for Anna to find herself in, being closer to humanity than she wants to be.

Was Wolf’s character’s aneurysm real? It’s not entirely clear. Is Chad Decker still interested in furthering his career, or is he looking for “lizard love?” Wolf replies that Chad will choose an allegiance next season. What was the purpose of killing Ryan’s wife, Val? Rosenbaum says that it was necessary for Anna to make Ryan see the bad sides of humanity so he’ll again be susceptible to Anna’s bliss. Huffman is asked if whether a Tyler will mend the rift with his father. He hopes so, because shooting with the actor that plays his father was a lot of fun.

Rosenbaum says that there will be a number of new characters appearing, including Anna’s mother, and members of a radical group of the Fifth Column. Mesure announced at he is coming back as a series regular for Season Two. Will Hobbes be forced to choose sides in the impending war? It appears that he’ll have to do just that. Vandervoort is asked whether Lisa is up to the challenge to be the possibile savior of humanity. Yes, but she can’t say whether she will actually be that savior.

What is tihe dynamic between Erika and Anna next season? Rosenbaum said that the show is about two mothers battling for their children, and how far they are willing to go to protect their own. There will be a burgeoning relationship between Erika and Lisa, while Tyler will be pushed towards Anna. So, how do these women use, or not use, their new wards? Will the V’s world be seen? Rosenbaum says that yes, when Diana, Anna’s mother, is seen, it will be in their home world. (This was actually an error by Rosenbaum who spoiled the name of Anna’s mom).

What was the most shocking things for the cast? For Vandervoort, it was finding out Lisa was Anna’s daughter. For Baccarin, it was killing Val. Mitchell revealed that the audience will find out, definitively, why Anna is so interested in Tyler. Rosenbaum expanded on this, saying that they are not trying to be cute about the show’s mythology. In other words, Season Two will answer questions about the V’s past, and their long-planned invasion of Earth.

Audience Q&A: Are we going to learn more about the younger lives of Jack or Erika? Yes, not via flashback, but their secrets about their pasts will be addressed. Will there be closed captions for the hearing impaired on the DVD extras? They don’t know. What was Vandervoort’s favorite scene? She was going to say getting slapped, but working with Elizabeth in the scene where the V was carved into her face stands out to her.

How was the transition from Lost to V for Mitchell? There was a lack of sleep, because she was working on both at the same time, but she had great casts in both, so it was like having two homes. Character-wise, it was great having an opportunity to discover Erika. Will the V/human hybrid baby be central? Rosenbaum says to consider the hybrid as another weapon in Anna’s arsenal, as it is a way to manipulate Ryan. Will the audience see the worldwide effects of the V invasion? Absolutely. While it is great to focus on the immediate concerns of those in New York, the global effect of the invasion is of major importance and will have consequences for all the characters.

With that last question, the panel came to a closely. V will return to ABC in November.

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Fans who thought V season one was eventful (colossal spaceships, FBI counter-terrorism agents, hidden alien agendas, and of course, Anna) will be happy to know that the writers are juuust getting warmed up on this series. Season two pulls back even more layers, as we learned at the V Panel earlier today.

The panel included cast members Charles Mesure (Kyle Hobbes), Joel Gretsch (Father Jack Landry), Logan Huffman (Tyler Evans), Elizabeth Mitchell (Erica Evans), Morena Baccarin (Anna), Scott Wolf (Chad Decker), Laura Vandervoort (Lisa), Morris Chestnut (Ryan Nichols), as well as former executive producer Steve Pearlman and current executive producer, Scott Rosenbaum.

The panel dived straight into season two spoilers, revealing several turning points that fans of the show can look forward to. I won’t waste time. Here they are:

  • At the end of the season premiere, we will learn what the red sky means
  • Tyler’s Father will be coming back (but no mention of whether their relationship will be better)
  • We will meet Anna’s mother in the first episode
  • As Fifth Column grows and expands, they will meet another group with a charismatic leader that will create some interesting scenes
  • Charles Mesure will be a series regular
  • Anna wants to destroy the human race, and Tyler is her main target. We will come to understand why she is so interested in him
  • When we meet Diana, we will see the Visitors’ home planet
  • We will find out what the Visitors look like and (more importantly) what they’re planning
  • Translation: don’t even blink during season two, V fans. You just might miss something.

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Producers promised to uncover a lot more mysteries about ABC’s V – like what the visitors really look like, how long they’ve been here, and what the heck they want from us – in the new season of the drama that’ll return in November. During today’s panel at Comic Con, executive producer Scott Rosenbaum acknowledged that “not as many cards were turned over” last season, so he hopes to share a lot more about the visitors under Anna’s leadership, including how their extended stay has changed world events and why they’re planning to stick around.

“It will be chock full of great reveals,” Rosenbaum promises.

He also teased that Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) will look for the nurturing she’s not receiving from mother Anna (Morena Baccarin) by developing a closer relationship with Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), while Tyler (Logan Huffman) will return the favor by saddling up with Anna. Most importantly, fans will finally get to meet Anna’s mom, Diana, in the first episode; through her, viewers will see where the visitors came from, Rosenbaum says. Word is the producers are talking to Jane Badler, the original alien baddie in the 1983 version of V, but Rosenbaum would not confirm on stage at Comic Con.

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At the V panel at Comic-Con today, executive producer Scott Rosenbaum revealed some interesting info about what’s to come for Visitor leader Anna in Season 2 – including a tidbit he didn’t even mean to give away!

It turns out in the season premiere, we’ll meet Anna’s mother, who Rosenbaum hinted was perhaps the most important among several new characters we’ll be meeting this year. Later, a question was asked about whether we’d go to the Visitors’ home planet, and Rosenbaum said we’d certainly learn more about them – which is when he began a sentence with, “When we meet Diana…”

This got a big reaction, and Rosenbaum admitted he’d just accidentally given away that yes, Anna’s mom will share the name with an iconic character from the original V. Even before we knew this fact, Rosenbaum was asked during the panel if perhaps Jane Badler, who played Diana, could play Anna’s mother. Rosenbaum wouldn’t commit to this, though he did say he’d love to have Badler on the show at some point.

One complaint some had about the first season of the show was it felt too small in scope, given the situation. Rosenbaum promised that Season 2 of V would “absolutely” be bigger and that the network actually encouraged them to give the show more of an international feel, which everyone agreed was the right choice. In fact, they’d recently sent crews to various parts of Europe and Asia to shoot footage that could be used as background for scenes they might like to spend in various countries down the line.

Other info from the V panel regarding Season 2:

  • We will find out what the red sky means by the end of the season premiere.
  • We’ll see more of Father Jack taking on a soldier persona, with Rosenbaum stating he wanted to explore what it meant when someone who has lived by such distinct rules and spirituality begins reacting in an extreme way to a war scenario. As Rosenbaum put it, if Jack can go to such a place, “What does that mean for the rest of us?”
  • Morena Baccarin said that after Anna found her eggs destroyed, the ensuing primal scream she let out proves she is, “Closer to humanity than she wants to be. And that’s a really tough spot for her to be in.” Meanwhile, her daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) is also continuing to feel more empathy and human emotions, and will develop a closer relationship with Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), even as Erica’s son Tyler (Logan Huffman) grows closer to Anna.
  • We will find out more about how long the Vs have been putting sleeper agents on Earth. Rosenbaum pondered, “Have they been here in the 40s, the 50s, the 60s? Has their presence changed world events in ways we can’t imagine?” We will also find out exactly what the Visitors are, physically – whether we can truly define them as lizards or perhaps a combination of species.

There were also two very funny moments involving panelists discussing Baccarin and/or her character. One was when Laura Vandervoort was discussing a memorable scene on the show and proclaimed, “I love being slapped by Morena,” before adding, “I think Morena enjoyed it more than I did.”

The other was when the relationship between Chad (Scott Wolf) and Anna was brought up and just how close the two might get. Elizabeth Mitchell decided to take things to the extreme by asking Wolf about a scenario where mating with Anna would involve her biting his head off, “but you’re able to re-attach it. Would it be worth it?” Wolf grinned and replied, “Yes!”

V was initially announced as returning midseason, which many assumed would mean it might be gone until at least January. The good news for fans is it turns out it will be back in November.
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– We’ll find out meaning of red sky by end of second season premiere of V says show runner Scott Rosenbaum.
– Scott Rosenbaum wouldn’t say whether John May would return in Season 2
– We’re going to meet Anna’s mother in the first episode
– Val really is dead–she won’t be back on V.
– Jane Badler is certainly someone they are thinking about for Anna’s mom, but she may just play something else next season.
– Charles Mesure (Hobbes) series regular for season 2 of V
– Nicholas Lea will return in Season 2
– Season 2 of V: We’ll see real nurturing relationship with Erica and Lisa, while Tyler turns to Anna
– Scott Rosenbaum just gave away that Diana is Anna’s mother’s name
– We will find out why Anna is so interested in Tyler
– We’re going to find out how long the Vs have been here and whether and how they’ve changed world history
– The hybrid baby is another weapon, as Anna would look at it, in her arsenal.,” says Scott Rosenbaum
– Ryan’s child “was not meant to be”; but Anna will use child for her “devious advantage” says Rosenbaum
– We will see the global impact of the Vs thru international footage
– We will see more of the Fifth Column around the world. “We’re going to be moving around more internationally,” says Rosenbaum
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When we started lining up for the TV panels at Comic-Con in the wee early hours this morning, we asked nearby fans which cast they were waiting for. And a good portion were already lining up for V.

Not that we ever doubted the hard-core-ness of the V fanbase. Comic-Con-goers were rewarded with lots of teases and tidbits on the upcoming season, and you get them right here without having to line up or anything.

Lots of revelations are planned for season two, as well as tons of character backstory. “We’re going to see the true nature of what the visitors are about, and what they’re like underneath, so it’s going to be exciting,” says executive producer Scott Rosenbaum. Here are the highlights from the V panel:

  • The red sky shot at the end of last season is the first shot of war. “You will find out what the red sky means at the end of the season premiere,” Scott promises.
  • We will be meeting Anna’s mom, whose name was revealed to be Diana. No fancy alien names here, folks.
  • Viewers will be treated to a piece of the V’s home world. “When we meet Diana, she’ll be in her natural habitat,” reveals Scott.
  • Val (Lourdes Benedicto) really is dead. She will not be returning for season two. Just in case you all thought there might be a shred of hope…we just set it on fire until there was nothing left but ashes. Sorry.
  • Tyler’s father will be back in season two. You know who else is back as a newly appointed series regular? Charles Mesure! Hobbes is now full time. “He’s seen the V’s as a real threat and the humans will have to do something about. In season two, we’ll see which way he goes,” Scott spills.
  • “Lizard love is the best love!” Or so says the beautiful Morena Baccarin rocking a blonde head of hair. And speaking of Anna, we will be finding out why she seems to be so interested in Tyler.
  • Jack may have been a “priest-soldier” in season one, but Scott teases that in season two “we will see much more soldier-priest.” We can only assume Jack will be giving a little less conversation and a little more action come next season.
  • Anna will face an interesting conflict all season after the death of her eggs. “It will take her closer to humanity than she wants to be,” Morena says.
  • Ready for some rad fifths? Writers reveal that as the fifth column expands, they are going to meet a “pretty radical” group of other fifth columns, which will cause conflict.
  • Those mother truckers. Elizabeth Mitchell talked about some Erica/Anna conflict: “If Erica is the mother of all children, and Anna is the mother of all V’s, we will find out just how far each mother will go to protect their own.”
  • And finally, viewers will see the Visitors’ effect on the world outside of New York City. Prepare to get global.

 What do you think of V‘s new direction? Are you on board?

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The Visitors arrived in Ballroom 20 this afternoon to talk up the second season of the embattled ABC newcomer and the hints dropped by the cast and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum have me ready to re-board the mothership after giving up on V mid-season.

It’s no secret that V went through some serious behind-the-scene struggles its freshman year but with Rosenbaum solidly seated in the showrunner’s seat now, things are getting interesting.

The last TV panel I attended this morning for NBC’s The Event promised to give fans answers. That’s the word on the tongue of every sci-fi and genre showrunner it seems and Rosenbaum is no exception. He’s prepared to dish out a hot plate of reveals in season two.

On the menu, the true nature of the Visitors, what they look like underneath, a glimpse of their home world, why Anna is so intrigued with Tyler and exactly what their “incredibly creepy” plan for humanity is.

Addressing last season’s call-to-arms ending, Rosenbaum compared the events to “the first shot in a war.” He likened Anna’s “slow and devious” plan for the human race to boiling a frog in a pot of water.” And yes, we will find out what “Red Sky” means by the end of the season two premiere.

As for his cast of aliens and resistance fighters, Rosenbaum said we can expect Joel Gretsch’s Father Jack to transition from a “priest soldier” to a “soldier priest.”

“Jack is on the far end of the spectrum as a man of peace and God, so his challenge is to be able to maintain that.” Rosenbaum likened his underground man of God to the “moral spine” of humanity that the Visitors are so intent on breaking.

On that note, Elizabeth Mitchell made a comparison to the woman she is best known for playing, LOST‘s Juliet Burke and V’s Erica Evans.

“Juliet was really fun because she didn’t always have to go to the moral core to figure out what she was gonna do but I like having a set of rules for (Erica) before she goes and hits someone in the face.”

Mitchell also took a moment to thank the fans for their support which she graciously attributed to her recent Emmy nomination.

As for Scott Wolf’s power hungry newsman playing both sides to the middle, the beginning of the season will see him form an alliance that will surprise people in so far as whose side he’s on.

On the death of Val, Rosenbaum explained that her demise was a necessary power play for Anna, in her attempt to gain leverage over Ryan. The conflicted father-to-be, seduced by the joys of human emotion needed to experience pain and suffering, another common aspect of humanity, in order to get him to return to “V-dom.”

So is he Ryan now an enemy of the 5th Column? Said Morris Chestnut, “I don’t know, I think Ryan responds to the bliss depending on what kind of dress Anna is wearing.”

We’ll be meeting a number of new characters in season two according to Rosenbaum. As for John May, the showrunner played coy. But he did reveal that there’s going to be one “especially interesting” new character we’ll meet in the first episode, Anna’s mother, which Morena Baccarin later revealed is appropriately named “Diana.”

And speaking of the original mini-series’ guinea pig lover, Jane Badler is likely to make an appearance at some point in the second season. In what role remains to be seen.

-Other tidbits of note, Charles Mesure who plays Kyle Hobbs has been promoted to series regular.

-The Fifth Column will expand and fracture, with a radical arm with an “equally charismatic” leader who has a very different “tactical approach” to battling the Visitors.

-We’ll see Laura Vandervoot’s Lisa develop more of a mother/daughter relationship with Erica while Logan Huffman’s Tyler will gravitate more towards Anna, which should lead to some very interesting conflicts of interest.

Another reason to look forward to what sounds like a much improved season two for V is the news that we’ll be seeing a bit of the Visitors home world when we meet Diana.

We’ll also be introduced to different kinds of visitors and their trackers, both female and male.

All this because, according to Rosenbaum, “in hindsight, we could have turned over more cards (in season one). We’re going to find out how long (the Visitors) have been here, what they look like, how there presence changed world events and history in ways we never imagined, what happened to Tyler.we’re gonna know exactly what their plan’s chock full of reveals.”

If that’s true, I’d say I’m ready to embrace the bliss when V returns.

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So which fellow ‘Lost’ alum would Elizabeth Mitchell love to have on ‘V’? How did an alien lizard queen turn the sky red?

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I was there for it all, and I’ve got the highlights from the press rooms, where the stars were still basking in the instant gratification from fans. So what’s it like being at the Con? Some say it’s ‘Inception’-like, while others seem afraid to even walk the floor. Then there are the diehards — Frank Darabont, Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Mitchell could all be called Comic-Con royalty — who just can’t get enough.

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Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Agent Erica Evans, was recently nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series (for the series finale of Lost) and did not honestly believe it at first. “It took me a good two hours of people trying to convince me. I read it maybe 17 times and five people told me, and I didn’t believe it. I was only on camera for about seven minutes; it must just be a thank you for all of Juliet.”

Prior to Lost and V, Mitchell had never played a character for longer than seven months. “To be on a show for three years and then on another one, it was so strange to start something else and to be inside of someone else’s head. As it went on, it got more and more fun, as the character got more complex. If I don’t have something to dig into, it’s harder for me. But (Erica) started getting kind of juicy, so I was happy.”

Regarding Anna vs. Erica, Mitchell admits that, “right now, Anna has the upper hand. She doesn’t have any compulsion about causing harm to anyone. But I do believe that the qualities we have as humans, our compassion, our ability to see things from very unique angles – might just be the things that make us stronger. I believe the closer they get, the more nail biting it’s going to be. If they truly get into each other’s confidences and they start really having those talks…how freaky will that be? I like that tension that builds that way; it just heightens things.”

When Mitchell was asked whether or not she preferred Erica to become romantically involved with either Jack or Hobbes, she said that “both are fine. I’m an equal opportunity kisser. I enjoy the Father Jack character because he makes my character feel so safe. I also enjoy how dangerous Hobbes is. Danger is, unfortunately, very exciting…there is something wonderful about someone who is unpredictable. I don’t know who the best choice is, morally. I think it’s going to be fun to see what the two men bring out in her. I hope they don’t throw her in with someone, because I like the anticipation and build up.” Mitchell is actually a fan of sci-fi because “it always goes to a place of emotion and passion – the heart. I want to see that, for me.”


As for Elizabeth Mitchell, she was enthusiastic about the prospect of Anna and Erica becoming pals. I asked her about Erica and Anna’s potential, one-sided friendship.

Are we going to see awkward buddy-buddy moments between Anna and Erica?
“I would like to see that! I think the closer they get, the more nail-biting it’s going to be. I think if they actually really, really get into each other’s confidence and they start having those talks, how freaky will that be?”

So we’re going to see dinner parties, no?
“I want to sit and watch a movie with her with a bowl of popcorn. Crying to The Terms of Endearment, y’know!”

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Turning to ABC’s “V,” Tomashoff focused on the upcoming season’s departure from the structure of the previous incarnation of the show, which aired in the 1980s.

“We are happy that the fans gave us a chance, and we are looking forward to step up to it with a second season,” said Mitchell, who stars as FBI agent and resistance member Eric Evans.

Chestnut. who plays Fifth Column member Ryan Nichols, interjected with a smile, “Let me just say I work with two of the most beautiful women on television. … Working with Morena, I watch the show when it comes on and I am like, ‘Woah, she’s scary’.”
Baccarin (Visitor High Commander Anna) smiled and said, “We did this scene with Morris where he is about to choke me, and I was like, ‘Woah, not only is Morris a very attractive man, but he’s about to choke me,’ and he’s a big guy, and it was kind of intimidating!”
Tomashoff introduced a clip from “V” that focused on Baccarin’s intimidating character, and asked, “When you walk around town, do people look at you with fear?”
“Ha. That’s why I dyed my hair,” Baccarin replied. “I live in New York, and I’d be on the train, and usually it’s really cramped, but people would leave this space around me. … It was kind of nice!”
Presenting a second “V” clip, Tomashoff asked Chestnut, “Is there an actual baby?”
“Yeah, I believe people will see a baby on the show this season,” he said.
Turner to Mitchell, who played Juliet on “Lost,” Tomashoff said: “‘Lost’ had an explosion, there was a ‘V’ explosion. You just spend your life dodging explosions?”

“Yeah, it’s great all the way around,” Mitchell said. “Great-looking men all around me, and explosions.”

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According to Mitchell, a self-professed geek, the sci-fi genre has provided a plethora of intriguing roles for women. “I was brought up being told that there was nothing a woman couldn’t do, and I think sci-fi echos that,” Mitchell said to a round of applause from the audience. “There are amazing women in science fiction. On V, I’ve enjoyed that Erica’s a mother, and that none of the people around her question her strength.”

Each actress was asked about the wildest stunt they’ve ever had to perform, and Malone’s response was priceless. The actress proceeded to thoroughly describe an elaborate stunt from Sucker Punch where she was required to hang upside down — 30 feet above the floor — and somehow manage to shoot and reload a submachine gun. “The only other person I know who’s gone upside down and unloaded an UMP is Ice Cube,” Malone joked. Mitchell, upon realizing that she could never top Malone’s answer, simply remarked, “I dangled in wells” — a Lost reference that the Comic-Con audience sweetly cheered.

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CSEW: Elizabeth Mitchell on her inspiration: I am a deadly dull person. I read books and play chess and have a wicked imagination

Terri_Schwartz: A fan just told Elizabeth Mitchell that she was on her husband’s “allowed” list. The look on Elizabeth‘s face cannot be put into words.

A great panel Friday afternoon was the Entertainment Weekly panel Women Who Kick Ass, starring Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost and V, Anna Torv of Fringe, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ellen Wong of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and Jena Malone of Sucker Punch.

Asked how hard it has been to get roles, Mitchell said she auditioned seven times and fought hard to play Juliet. On the other hand, she was given the role of Erika in V, which she found more terrifying.

Do they find that because of the popular of sci-fi, they need to open themselves up to a different type of role? Mitchell has alwya found great female characters in sci-fi novels and stories, so she had always been open to the genre.

Do you expect to be role models?Mitchell wishes she could take away the ability to come up with a perfect comeback at all times.

What was working with Quentin Tarantino like? Mitchell said that she got dangled in wells.

For the TV actresses, how much input do they have on their characters? Mitchell said that she talks all the time, but not as much on Lost, except during the episode “The Other Woman.”. She was nervous about the bikini, and the affair with Goodwin, but the creators told her to just go with it. Of course, the episode was a huge hit, thanks to all involved.

How has it been for Mitchell to go from Lost to V? It’s been very interesting as the show has tried to find its feet. It’s an uphill challenge sometimes, but she has enjoyed that Erika is a mother and a woman whose strength is never questioned.

Are there any roles you wish you could have played? Mitchell tends to be so captivated by TV and movie performances that she can’t imagine ever being in that role.

On to the audience Q&A: How do you feel about the idea that actresses need to be perpetually young? Mitchell and Torv don’t think actresses need to be young!

Last question: Mitchell is on the questioner’s husband’s “Allowed List.”. Have you ever had to use your training in real life? Mitchell jokes that she does a lot of running in high heels down the street. Malone says that most of their fighting is like dancing, so unless she gets attacked by a stuntman who knows the choreography, her training is kind of useless.

Alright, that’s it; a great panel with some amazing actresses. Look out for their projects in the coming months.