Coventry Telegraph- April 2010

APRIL 2010

SO WHAT will happen on that tropical island as hit show Lost moves towards the end of its sixth and final series?

How will all those mysteries be wrapped up neatly before fans take comfort in their box sets to experience the whole saga all over again?

You may wish to take note that Season six comes out on DVD on August 24 in the US and September 13 in the UK, so you can relive every final, nail-biting moment again and again…

As theories of what happens in the finale abound across fan sites, Lost actress Elizabeth Mitchell shares her own thoughts with us. SPOILERS ahead.

Mitchell had earlier hinted at her return to the show, telling E! Online: “I’m not entirely sure that they want me to say, but I know it’s toward the end. I wish I could tell you, you know I wish I could.”

In a key revelation, she has now confirmed she will be reappearing in the show, despite her character – villainous doctor Juliet Burke – having already died twice.

The 40-year-old actress told us: “I hope I don’t die again. It seems like they strapped her to a pole and they keep lashing her and now they’ve added steel tips, but honestly I think that’s enough now.”

So could it be third time lucky for Burke?

Elizabeth added: “You never know what’s going to happen, they’re devious little geniuses, they’ll do whatever they want.”

The series finale of Lost will air on Sunday, May 23 on ABC. It will be presented as part of a five-hour epic which will include a two-hour refresher, the two-hour last episode, and the cast then appearing on an ‘Aloha to Lost’ special of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Elsewhere, several cast and crew parties are being held in New York and Los Angeles to celebrate the end of the programme.

Earlier, Daniel Dae Kim promised a clever, mind-boggling and satisfying conclusion to the story, while Michael Emerson had cautioned fans to dial back their expectations but said the ending would honour the history of the show.

Elizabeth Mitchell can also be seen in the remake of V, where she plays FBI counter terrorist investigator Erica Evans, leading an American resistance against alien visitors hiding their reptilian nature as well as their sinister motive to take over the world. See my earlier article with Elizabeth about the V series.

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