Crave On Line Interview – WonderCon – April 2011

Elizabeth Mitchell on V Season 3

The star of ABC’s V talks about what she would like to see happen to Erica, if the series gets picked up for a third season.

Elizabeth Mitchell was the hero of WonderCon. She came to the V panel, which is still waiting for a third season pickup, and told the fans all the cool kick-ass things she wants to see in season three. Then she came to the press room and cheerily greeted reporters. She was so awesome, I want to share all the cool things she said, not just my own questions.

Erica should find out Tyler’s dead:

Elizabeth Mitchell: I think she’s going to regret like crazy everything, but I don’t think that’s going to stop her from doing what she needs to do. I think that regret and guilt are massive motivators and I think that in my way of thinking, as a mother you basically get this done, take Anna down and then I guess kill yourself. I don’t know what the options are. Your son’s dead. Not okay. Not remotely okay and it would change you. It would deaden you I would think.

Erica should become a Woman on Fire:

Elizabeth Mitchell: It should be really interesting and it should lead to some great stuff once that rage gets going. Someone’s going to have to stop her from trying to do something rash. Someone’s going to have to physically stop her. As we’ve seen with Erica, that might be hard, so it needs to be someone really big and maybe several of them. Project Aries really starts something completely new and I think having that power behind our tiny little group is really exciting. It gives them something to draw from. I mean, they’ve got nuclear weapons.

All this tragedy is just so Erica can kick more ass:

Elizabeth Mitchell: I think whatever happens, she will always be a mother. That’s where her rage is going to come from but I think that in the making of a warrior, it is interesting to see what makes a warrior but how a warrior behaves, how a warrior acts is even more interesting. The backstory will be what it is, a backstory, and we’ll know why but I think the actual actions of her now that she is a fully formed combatant warrior, whatever you think, are going to be far more interesting than just watching a tug of war with your conscience which is internal and has a little bit of a place on a show but I think it’s more fun to see the visceral.

Everyone should lose their sh**:

Elizabeth Mitchell: I want vicious. I want people struggling with their moral compass. I want those things. I don’t want us sitting around talking, which I’ve said, and I’m sure they wish I’d stop but I don’t want that. I want it to be as action packed and as exciting as we can make it because it’s sci-fi. Let’s just take it there. I mean, if we can accomplish anything and imagine anything, let’s do it.

Erica suffered more than we even saw on TV:

Elizabeth Mitchell: She knows that she lost her husband. She doesn’t know that her lover did it, although we did shoot that. We just didn’t see it. That’s why in the last scene, Erika is devastated. She’s devastated because she can’t save her son. She’s devastated because the man that she was sleeping with, and honestly I don’t think she does that lightly. Probably the last time was her husband so it’s one of those things where six years in the making… but he’s the one who actually got her husband killed so that’s why that last scene was so intense, but we didn’t see that so it became something else.

She wants to do Father Jack:

Elizabeth Mitchell: Joel said something wonderful to me. He goes, “You know, I’m pretty good at that stuff.” There’s a scene that we shot but they never showed where Father Jack moves in and he just gets really close. He looks at her and she’s like whoa, okay. We shot it and it was really fun but what you have mainly is he’s a guy, he’s a man. You have him coming in and me being all like yeah, whatever, come on in. He gets a little close and I’m like [giggling], “I’m sorry, this is awesome. Do it again.” So there’s got to be something there. We had far more romantic tension scenes and they’re all cut so they should be on the DVD somewhere.

Elizabeth thinks V could come back:

Elizabeth Mitchell: I kept saying it’s impossible and then the DVR numbers kept coming back so strong and then our numbers kept going up and then we kept holding so steady so I don’t know. Is six million with a 2.6 enough? I don’t know. Shows are getting far less and getting picked up so I don’t know. I know that our fans have stuck with us and for that I’m really grateful. Most of our fans are massively savvy. They’re watching it in DVR, they’re watching it elsewhere, streaming it on YouTube, whatever. It’s one of those things where it’s hard to know what we have but I just can’t say. I felt like the second half of our second season deserves a pickup and I don’t say that lightly. What I mean by that is it’d be fun to see. I thought it was good and I thought that it was worth seeing more of. I didn’t feel that way about the first season so I’m very happy we got the second and just imagine how good the third could be.

Elizabeth liked the Lost finale, because she can always get more from Damon Lindelof:

Elizabeth Mitchell: I just didn’t have anything to do with whether it was what people wanted or what they didn’t. But I liked it. I have a sense that mystery should stay mystery and I didn’t feel like it was a copout, but I completely get how people feel. There were a lot of things I was curious about. Every day I’ll be like, “What about that? Why did that smoke monster take Juliet’s picture? What happened there?” I do sometimes have that but I can also email Damon and go, “What’s going on with this?”

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