DVR Playground – March 2011

MARCH 15, 2011

On tonight’s second season finale of V, the Fifth Column will have a solid sixty minutes to fight for our planet’s future. And while forty-four minutes (subtracting for commercials!) of screen time wouldn’t normally seem like enough time for a ragtag group of freedom fighters to stave off whatever nefarious plan a royally peeved Queen “B” Anna has up her sleeve, Erica Evans is no normal freedom fighter. How’s she going to do it, what unexpected obstacles arise and of course is this the end of the line for V? We caught up with the always awesome Elizabeth Mitchell to find out.

Are you really up for saving the world in less than hour?
Elizabeth Mitchell: It’s going to be tough. Luckily there is a lot in that hour, we do get a lot accomplished! But I definitely think we need a third season to completely and completely save the earth in the fashion in which it deserves.

Adding to the complexity of tonight’s season ender is that at least according to a certain spoiler pic (above) your character seems to find herself in somewhat of a bind… literally!
Yeah, that happens too! That part was actually great because I got introduced to a very cool person (Note: For the identity of said mysterious newcomer, feel free to click here!) Plus as an added bonus, those straps those totally antique kind of things that allow me to play games with the crew. I’m basically Houdini, seeing how fast I can get out! I think it was 45 seconds on each one until they finally strapped me inso tight I was like, “Okay, sorry, I’m in here for good.” It was fun.

What does the arrival by this “very cool person” bring to the table?
Quite a lot, and it’s very exciting. That part of the episode was really fun and provides for a tremendous amount of entertainment.

Aside from this new character, the big buzz surrounding tonight’s finale is of course the death of a major character.
It’s several deaths actually and they’re all big.

Will the death be one that resonates with fans? Or is it an extra or two who were hired last week?
Regardless of who you like and who you don’t like it will be something. It isn’t a person that we hired the week before! IThere are no “red shirts!” Actually, all of the red shirts stay alive. We’re talking big deaths.

While it’s pretty safe to assume one of the big deaths won’t be your TV offspring Tyler, we’re not going to lie, we’ve talked to quite a few fans who probably wouldn’t mind seeing that. His choices this season as a character have been incredibly frustrating. Do you think there is any chance Erica will ever be able to knock some sense into the boy?
I always believe that there’s a possibility to bring Tyler back. What you have to remember is that you’re talking about a teenager during an incredibly tumultuous point in his life, so yeah I do believe he can be saved. We just need to have a little patience, we’re all crazy kids growing up, that’s what makes us so fun.

Not fun is the uncertainty of your future, have you heard anything with regards to the prospects for a third season?
I have lovely people who make daily phone calls trying to find out the answer to just that question, but I honestly haven’t heard anything. I would love to be able to tell you I have, but i think the truth is that ABC isn’t quite sure. Our numbers have been incredibly steady and with DVR we’re actually somewhat healthy so I really just think it will come down to what ABC wants next season.

The trend for actors seems to be to take a pilot as a back up plan, yet you haven’t?
I have had a couple of calls, I’ve read some lovely pilots, and I really do think that it’s going to be a fun TV season. I’ve read some really fun stuff, but i’m holding out hope we get to come back and finish what we started.

V airs Tuesday at 9PM on ABC (ATV in Canada)

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