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Elizabeth Mitchell Promises She’s Coming Back to Lost — Perhaps for Kissing and Coffee With Sawyer?

Whoever invented Elizabeth Mitchell should get a medal, because they did a good, good thing. We just caught up with the adorable Ms. Mitchell for a quick debrief on Juliet’s demise last night on Lost, and we learned why that agonizing death scene is not the last we’ll see of the good Dr. Burke after all.

Read on for our interview, where Elizabeth confirms your fan theories about what Juliet knew at the end and why, plus how she and Josh Holloway fell for each other as friends offscreen while their characters were in love onscreen, and whom she thinks Sawyer should be with in the end…

How did you feel about Juliet being in so much pain for so long—first the finale and now this—and you not being able to talk about it at all for months?
I feel really bad for Juliet all the time. I feel like, you know, karmically, maybe she’s due, because when she was a prisoner, instead of being morally upright, she was Ben’s (Michael Emerson) little henchman. But oh, she really has redeemed herself, so I feel like she’s deserving of a lovely end. We’ll see what happens. We’ve got another reality going on, and I’m sure she’s probably tortured herself in that one, too, but hopefully in that reality we will get to see her happy and vibrant and excited. That to me, would be fun.

What do you think of the fan theory that Juliet was talking about a coffee date and knew that the bomb worked because she was flashing to another timeline where she was with Sawyer?
That’s what I keep thinking! And I keep thinking that’s why she wasn’t so sad about it. She was sad for him. My feeling is she was already in a different place that was a lot happier—maybe she was in heaven, I don’t know! But I like to think that she was in another place after the bomb went off—however it was that reality split—and for some reason, because she was dying, she was able to see both worlds. However, that’s my own nerdy thoughts and ideas. They haven’t told me a darn thing. They’re gonna send me scripts in like a week or two. I will know more.

So you will be back on Lost one more time. Yay! Are you able to say exactly what episode?
I’m not entirely sure that they want me to say, but I know it’s toward the end. I wish I could tell you, you know I wish I could.

What was it like working with Josh Holloway again?
I love working with Josh. He and I came completely full circle. When we first started working together we were both like, Huh. There was no chemistry and no nothing. But because both of our characters were so happy together, we just started connecting.

And now you know he plays the guitar beautifully, he brings music in, and we sit there and we sing together, and it’s really fun and I enjoy him so much. And he’s a new dad and so happy and so flushed with that great love and all of that stuff. I just find him to be so much fun. I enjoyed working with him. I didn’t mind lying in his arms.

And being kissed by Josh Holloway? Not the worst thing in the world, I have to say, even if you are dying. Evangeline Lilly had told me he has lovely lips, and I thought, I’m sure that’s true. But then he kissed me, and I thought, Well, he does! But really there’s not one person who hasn’t said he has lovely lips—obviously they’re plain to see.

But I went home, because my husband also has lovely lips, and I go, “Josh Holloway has lovely lips!” and he goes, “How nice for you.” [Laughs.] I am always surrounded by beautiful men, always, always, always. It’s really funny to me that I’m married and I’m actually quite happy and I’m always surrounded by some of the most beautiful men you can imagine, but I think I do a remarkable job shouldering that burden. [Laughs.]

Who else did you get to see in Hawaii?
I saw my sweet Evangeline, whom I love. She is a truly, truly exceptional person, in every possible way you could be an exceptional person. And I think I saw Matthew Fox; and Jorge Garcia came by to say hi.

We should get you and Evie one great last scene together.
I would really love that! Evie and I have talked about that—how wonderful it would be to have them just…you know how sometimes after a party you’ll just sit down and go over how the party was? “So, how are you here? Really?” “Yeah, I couldn’t stand you!” “I couldn’t stand you either!” [Laughs.] That’d be great! Kate and Juliet get drunk and have a complete compare and contrast.

Do you harbor any fantasies in your head about how you’d like things to go for Juliet in the end?
I always wanted to see a couple of things for Juliet. I wanted to see her reunite with her sister (Robin Weigert) and her sister’s child, which she made possible—because that really is her only family left—and I always said that I wanted to see her end up with Jack because I always thought that they had such interesting and intricate chemistry. But after everything with Josh and playing everything with James and Juliet and how peaceful and happy they were, there’s nothing really wrong with that—it wouldn’t so bad: the con artist and scientist. I think it would be great.

Do you think we might still get a scene between you and Robin Weigert, or is the show barreling toward a conclusion too quickly?
It is definitely hurtling toward a conclusion, but it would be wonderful if there were [such a scene], because so much of what Juliet did that was considered fairly evil was done for her sister. I would love to see that, because that’s where she went morally wrong was when she was trying to save her sister’s life and make that OK.

Given how great things were with James/Josh for that stretch there in season five, would you be disappointed if Sawyer ended up with Kate?
No, I’ve always said that Sawyer should end up with Kate, because I think you can’t buy chemistry like that. You either have it or you don’t! As far as the happiness of the character, if we’re just talking about getting slammed up against a tree trunk, I go with Jack for Juliet, but if you’re talking about longevity and happiness, then I’m talking about James for Juliet.

At the Lost wrap party, Damon and Carlton need to give you and Evie special awards for putting up with all these love triangle questions and having to be so political all these years!
I get asked so many times, “Who’s a better kisser? Who’s a better this or that?” and honestly, it’s so subjective—you feel one way from one day to the next—you can’t quantify, it’s a kiss! It’s on camera, in front of 20 people! But Josh does have nice lips, that has to be said.

Could she be any more awesome? No, no, she could not, because she’s already the best. Share your E. Mitchell love and alt-timeline theories for Juliet in the comments.

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