E!Online – February 2007

February 2, 2007

[…] The object of your newfound, all-encompassing crush? One Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Juliet, whose performance in this Wednesday’s winter premiere of Lost makes you fall in love with not only her as an actress, but with the show itself all over again. […]

[…] Elizabeth Mitchell, as Juliet, is the fierce force behind this Wednesday’s episode, which delves into her backstory, her reason for coming to the island, her history with Ben and even a surprise crossover appearance by someone we already know. […]

[…] At the Lost event, I asked Elizabeth Mitchell (who, in person, is perhaps the world’s most gracious woman, FYI), which other castaways she’d be sharing scenes with, besides Jack, and she said, “Mainly just Jack. That’s basically it.”[…]

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