EW – March 2011

MARCH 2011


Oh, you didn’t really think everyone would be safe, right? Of course you didn’t. But what you won’t anticipate is how big these three (incredibly bloody!) main character deaths are as ABC’s sci-fi series closes its second season next week.

“I think that the people who die are going to affect everyone in different ways,” Elizabeth Mitchell tells EW. “The people they chose, they chose for a reason because they will mean something. I think it’s going to create an entirely new dynamic for everybody. Nobody is going to be unscathed.” (And you can bet that the terrifying Female-Visitor Lizard-Tail figures prominently in at least one of these death scenes.)

“There will be some interesting betrayals, which I always enjoy, and there will be tears and hopefully some fun. We’re all very active in this and everyone has an important part,” she adds. Some more than others — as will be revealed when Marc Singer (star of the original V series) guest-stars as the leader of a top-secret anti-V organization. And to know exactly what I mean by that, I ask you to review the above quote about “betrayals” once again. Yup, prepare to see some surprising faces among the ranks of the said top-secret org.

And that’s only where the twists, gore, and horrifying acts begin. As for where they end…that news is just as grim. “I’d love to say the fans will be satiated because I’m a fan and I know how wonderful it is to feel like, ‘Oh, thank God.’ But you’re going to want to see the rest,” Mitchell says.

Source: EW