EW – About SVU Role

Elizabeth Mitchell on her ‘horrifying’ guest role on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Thought Elizabeth Mitchell was in deep trouble in the season finale of V? Well, tonight she guest-stars on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as June Frye, a piano teacher accused of raping and killing a young girl. “It’s this really intense, crazy, sad, horrifying role,” Mitchell tells EW. “I did a fair amount of research about it, which I will now try to put out of my mind. I felt a tremendous responsibility to honor the people who these kinds of things happen to.”

SVU exec producer Neal Baer — who gave the former Lost star one of her first TV gigs on ER — reached out to Mitchell to see if she was interested in returning to SVU. (She had guest-starred as a different character in 2003.) Then came the call from her manager. “He said, ‘They’re creating this role and it’s a really sensitive subject and they’re wondering if you want to do it,’” Mitchell recalls. “And then he’s like, ‘And you can work with Jeremy Irons!’ I was like, ‘Okay! Sounds great!’” Mitchell can’t spill much about the plot, though she notes that her character “has been so irreparably harmed that she’s stunted … I haven’t played anyone like her on camera.” Oh, and she logged considerable screen time with a certain SVU guest psychiatrist. “I think we had a nine-page scene together, which was really fun,” she says. “I got to spend the entire day looking into Jeremy Irons’ eyes.”

Will you be watching tonight? And what’s your gut: Is June innocent or guilty?

Source: EW