EW – March 2011

MARCH 2011

Tonight’s episode of V is not the end of the game for the character in many ways — that much we know. (Exec producer Scott Rosenbaum said there will be a cliffhanger that leaves fans wanting more.) But the episode is what star Elizabeth Mitchell calls not only one of the best of the series, but the punctuation mark on a season where cast and writers have invested everything they had to offer in order to earn a third season.

“I fought so hard and so did everyone else,” she tells EW. “All of the writers, all of the actors, we all tried to put our best foot forward. I feel like we’ve given it everything we can. We’ll see what happens.”

Creatively, Mitchell, who plays the head of the FBI’s Fifth Column Task Force, Erica Evans, admitted that the show very much found its stride in the significantly grittier/pleasantly gory second season (which she said she now has to watch from her DVR because it’s not exactly programming she wants her 5-year-old viewing).

“What I’ve found about most protagonists is that the people around you get to have more fun,” she said. “So people come in, and there are all these wonderful, eccentric characters that surround you, and what’s been fun about this [season] for me is that Erica has sort of stepped out of that. She’s become an interesting character in her own right. I don’t know if that always happens with protagonists. To me, it’s a joy to get to do that.”

The east coast is about 15 minutes away from viewing the finale. Feel free to come back and tell us what you think while V expert Darren Franich works on his reaction piece for PopWatch.

Source: EW