Examiner – Revolution

Danny’s death could be a moment to bring the remainder of the Matheson family together– bonding over shared loss, grief, and being the last few standing. But Charlie is quite in the dark about what is going on around her, by whom, and why. Her mother was absent for the majority of her life, and now she has returned with so many secrets, those two don’t come together as one might hope.

“Charlie gets so really kick-ass in this next part that she’s so tough and such a warrior, and it’s so much fun to watch. But I think Rachel watches her and just looks at her [slipping away] and is saddened by that,” Elizabeth Mitchell said.

“They make attempts, and they fail, and sometimes they come together, and they fail again, and it’s heartbreaking because I think it’s actually quite real. I look at my relationship with my mother when I was a teenager, and it was fraught; it was a terrible thing. She looks back on it and she’s like ‘Who were you?’ and I’m like ‘Who were you!?’ I think that’s where [Rachel and Charlie] are now. They’re both in so much pain, and they should be able to turn to each other, but they’re both so fractured.”

Of course, in addition to seeing how the characters change as a result of losing Danny, there is the matter of that little glowing capsule that Rachel tearfully cut out of her dead son. We will start to understand its greater importance and purpose in only two episodes, in “The Song Remains the Same,” as Rachel looks for redemption and does let one very special person in their group in on the truth behind the blackout.

“Look for the cool music and sitting across from Aaron, and you know it’s about to begin,” Mitchell said.

Source: Examiner