Fancast, 11 May 2010

MAY 11 – 2010

Elizabeth Mitchell Previews ‘V’s Future, Reflects on ‘Lost’ Loves

ABC’s ‘V‘ ramps up the drama, action and tension this Tuesday at 10/9c, as it kicks off the final two episodes of its freshman season. Can Erica and the resistance track down a gizmo that will expose the Visitors’ Achilles heel? Will venom be on the menu when Erica boards Anna’s ship for a get-to-know-you dinner? And how will the May 18 season-ender leave lizard jaws hanging? As the finales for both ‘V’ and ‘Lost‘ near, Elizabeth Mitchell previews what’s next for resistance fighter Erica as well as shares her take on the men in Juliet’s life.


I can’t believe ‘V’s season finale is right around the corner. Can you?
No, I really can’t. May is a pretty exciting month of television. If I weren’t on television, I’d be like, “I’m staying at home tonight!”

This week, Erica and the gang are trying to track down a scientist whose weapon could come in handy in the fight against the Vs.
If we are able to get our hands on it we’d have an actual way of combating these guys, so he is very important. My little nerd brain was quite happy when this episode came along.

And the season finale brings us the long-awaited dinner between Erica, Anna and their respective kids. What’s it like between the two moms – icy as hell?
It could be icy as hell. You’ve got Anna, who is this fantastic politician/religious leader, and then you have Erica, who’s in the process of becoming exactly that. So you have two people who are pretty good at the games they’re playing coming face to face. They’re looking for any little chink in the armor, any sign of vulnerability on the other’s part. I thought it was fun to play. I enjoyed working with Morena [Baccarin] tremendously.

Does everything that’s said between the woman have some double meaning?
You nailed it, that’s exactly it. Almost every word that is said has a double meaning.

Did you and Morena spend a lot of time prepping for this critical showdown?
We rehearsed it for quite some time, so we had a very clear of idea of what we wanted to accomplish. It was very interesting to do, and fun in a lot of ways.

Is there one singular jaw-dropper that the May 18 finale will leave us with?
There were two things that made my jaw drop, maybe there will be more for other people. But yeah, we will have two jaw-droppers. [Pauses] Actually, no, wait – three. There was one other thing I could not believe they did….

And you forgot about it?! You were in denial.
Yeah, I was in denial about it. But it does happen.

We hear a lot about how ‘FlashForward’s success overseas could help it earn a Season 2 from ABC. What is playing in ‘V’s favor?
Oh, I think Morena’s pretty great. Her Anna is pretty spectacular. So I’ll wager Morena in this bet!

If there is a second season, I’d have to imagine it’d be a bit more landlocked, more of an “aliens living among us” theme.
I’m pretty bored with people sitting in a room talking about what they’re going to do, yeah. I’d like to be Han Solo. I’d like a little banter. And I’m up for a little sordid romance. I’d love to see Erica make some sort of horrible misinformed move on Father Jack and have him be like, “Uh, I’m a priest.”


You recently filmed your final scenes for ‘Lost.’ Was it everything you’d hoped for?
Well of course it’s not going to be everything I hoped for – I have lots of hopes. But I think that what they chose to do was very satisfying.

Will we get resolution regarding Juliet’s dying “Go Dutch for coffee” comment to Sawyer, or her “It worked” message to Miles?
I believe we’ll get resolution for a lot of the Juliet stuff, yes. They did a good job. What I shot was really interesting, so I’m interested to see the whole thing.

Was anything that you shot romantic?
I can’t say. I wish I could, I really do, but… they don’t event want me to tell you what episode I’m in.

I’m going to name three of your ‘Lost’ cast mates. Give me one word about each. Let’s start with Michael Emerson (Ben).
Ohhhh…. Fun. For me, he is fun.

Josh Holloway (Sawyer).
Singing. Singing [on the set] with Josh was my favorite time.

And Matthew Fox (Jack)?
Intense. We had a very intense time together on camera. And it was fuuuuun!

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