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Elizabeth Mitchell is such a happy person in real life, she must be a great actor to play all these serious, burdened characters. We may best know her as Juliet on Lost, or fondly as agent Erica Evans on the short-lived V. Now she’s on Revolution as Rachel Matheson.

Rachel has been a captive of Monroe (David Lyons) for the first half of the show’s first season. She’s hooked up with Miles (Billy Burke) and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) now as they’re on the run, searching for sources of power. At the NBC party for the Television Critics Association, Mitchell was a ball of joy, glowing in a pool of serious executives in suits around her. Add Revolution to your Fanhattan Watchlist to keep up with Elizabeth Mitchell on TV.

Fanhattan: You’ve gotten to play so many very fierce mothers.

Elizabeth Mitchell: Yes.

Fanhattan: Where do you think Rachel ranks among them?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Her unbelievable use of violence like that, she’s pretty fierce. She’s unbelievably protective in a pinch, but then maybe not as protective as you want her to be when everything is kind of just where it is. So I don’t know, maybe a 7?

Fanhattan: Is that higher than V?

Elizabeth Mitchell: I think she was probably more proactively protective in V, but I think that Rachel is something else. I mean, I’ve never seen anybody behave the way she does. The screwdriver thing was crazy. To stab one of your best friends to save your son? It’s crazy. I can’t even imagine somebody doing that.

Fanhattan: I always thought Juliet seemed very mothering and nurturing, even when she was manipulating.

Elizabeth Mitchell: I did too. I did too. I thought it was kind of wonderful how motherly she was. I wanted it to be strange, the situation that she was in and to be so motherly at the same time. I thought it was weird and I always figured she was someone who kind of always wanted to be a mother, and just the way that life went for her she wasn’t able to.

Fanhattan: She was more of a caretaker than some of the mothers you’ve played subsequently.

Elizabeth Mitchell: I don’t know, Juliet so much would just do anything she needed to do. The only person she probably felt motherly about was her sister. That, she would have done anything to protect. I guess all my characters have one person they’ll protect above anybody else.

Fanhattan: What sort of things are coming up in the second half?

Elizabeth Mitchell: There’s a lot of relationship questions, a more intense understanding of who these people are and then another quest.

Fanhattan: There are 12 of these medallions, so how long will it take to find all 12?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Well, I figure they probably already found three or four, so we kind of just have to find the rest. I imagine it’ll probably take, I don’t know, let’s say four years.

Fanhattan: How close do you get to all the helicopters we see blowing stuff up?

Elizabeth Mitchell: They are so good on safety, so not that close. I mean, you feel it. We have a scene that you haven’t seen yet where we’re running through a field and you see them and you feel them, but you never feel like you’re in any danger. I mean, they are so safety conscious, it’s great.

Fanhattan:Do you get to be more action intensive when there’s not helicopters around?

Elizabeth Mitchell: You know, I don’t think that my character does until she’s truly threatened, but yeah, there’s a lot of action.

Fanhattan: Has it been nice to see the stories merge?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Yes. I get to be with everybody which is the most wonderful thing in the world. I love it. It’s so incredible to have spent all that time with David who I love but it’s just us and we’re in this little bubble, and then to get to go and just be with everybody. It’s wonderful. I hope I get to see more with Giancarlo [Esposito]. I love Giancarlo. I think he’s such a pleasure to work with and I love him so much.

Fanhattan: What is it like shooting in Wilmington?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Beautiful. The beach is pristine and the water’s amazing and there’s dolphins. I just can’t say enough about it. The food’s delicious, the seafood is fresh. It’s just a lovely place. There’s southern hospitality.

Fanhattan: Can you even believe some of the stuff you get to do on TV, just in the last three shows you’ve been on?

Elizabeth Mitchell: No, no. I think that that screwdriver scene is probably my favorite thing that I’ve seen, my favorite crazy thing that I read in a long time. I couldn’t believe I got to do it. I thought it was insane. I didn’t see it coming at all.

Fanhattan: Acting it out, did it live up to all your expectations?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Well, I had a lot of expectations for that scene because I felt like that stuff between me and David was like that movie Closer with all those unspoken kind of things, and that was interesting to play. We did it eight million ways so to see what ended up was kind of wonderful. I thought it was great.

Fanhattan: Do you still meet Lost fans and what questions do they still ask you?

Elizabeth Mitchell: They ask me how I felt about the ending. They ask me what it was like to work with the guys that I worked with.

Fanhattan: What about V fans?

Elizabeth Mitchell: I meet ‘em every day. I can’t believe it. I meet them seriously every day and they always say how disappointed they are they didn’t get to see what happens.

Fanhattan: Did you jump into Revolutionright away?

Elizabeth Mitchell: No, I took a year off. I didn’t work for a year. Actually 14 months. It was longer than a year. It was a really long time and I love the time. I promised my son I’d take a year off and I did.

Fanhattan: What did you do in that year?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Just took him to school. Picked him up. Made sure he was okay.

Fanhattan: Was it a big adjustment to come back to work?

Elizabeth Mitchell: No, no. Working is what I’ve been doing since I was seven so working is wonderful.

Fanhattan: What sort of cliffhanger will we see by the end of this season on Revolution?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Oh my gosh, well I would imagine that it has to be even more intense than this one. It has to be something that puts everything into balance, but I don’t know. Eric [Kripke] hasn’t told me.

Fanhattan: It was a long break for us seeing the episodes, but did you work continuously?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Well, we have two episodes in the can, so the two episodes that are going to air in March have already been shot. We had a month off, not four months. We’ll need those three extra months to work.

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