Fearnet Interview

In my mind, there’s one obvious reason to watch ABC’s V – star Elizabeth Mitchell. The drop-dead gorgeous actress (who also happens to be smart as a whip and funny as a drunk monkey) was a fan favorite for her role as Juliet on Lost (a far more interesting character than Kate, the dull de facto leading lady played by the equally vanilla boring Evangeline Lily).

On V Mitchell gets to shine as FBI Agent Erica Evans, who fights against the lizards-in-disguise alien invaders who’ve overrun the Earth. Erica is plunged, however, into an even greater hell in the show’s recently aired season finale, when she unknowingly sleeps with the man who killed her husband, and her son is killed (though she’s yet to discovered this). I caught up with Mitchell at least weekend’s WonderCon 2011, where she told where she’d like to see Erica go next should V get renewed for a third season.

“I like where we left things,” said Mitchell. “I like the idea that her world has been turned upside down. That’s a great place for a dramatic character to start. And given that Scott Rosenbaum (or “Skeeter”) keeps telling us that it’s gonna get better and they’re gonna start winning, now’s the time. Now’s the exciting part. Now’s the part where we’re gonna start to win, and I think that’ll give us something to root for. Nobody likes to lose all the time. I’ve been hating it!”

Mitchell also told me that she believes the show should end with a knock-down, drag-out battle between Erika and alien leader Anna (played by Firefly’s Morena Baccarin).

“I absolutely would,” she nodded. “I think that that’s absolutely what the fans deserve. And I’m one of them, so maybe that’s just what I want. But yeah, I don’t want it to be an intellectual victory. I want it to be physical, and at great cost on both sides. And something that we buy. Because Anna obviously is more powerful than Erica. She’s the Queen. Erica’s just a human woman. So we’ll see. We’ll see if she’s smarter.”

Source: fearnet