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While the fate of Danny’s return is up in the air, we do know one thing for sure — Rachel has some serious explaining to do. The EP explains that the unknown device that Rachel cut out of her son’s dead body is something that creator Eric Kripke has kept secret since the early days of the show’s premise.

Danny’s onscreen mother Elizabeth Mitchell said that filming Rachel’s grieving goodbye with her son’s lifeless body was an emotional challenge. “That scene was really hard and really sad… the horror of it was right there in front of me.”

Mitchell reveals that fans will be shocked when they discover the truth behind what Rachel implanted in Danny as a young child. “What she pulls out of [Danny] is fascinating, I’m just not allowed to say a word about it.” She said. Not to worry Revolution fans, we’ll get the answer in next week’s episode. Mitchell teases, “Look for cool music and [me] sitting across from Aaron and you’ll know [the explanation] is about to begin.”

As for tonight’s episode, Mitchell explains that Rachel’s path of deceit and secrets will not change just because her don has died. “She behaves horribly and continues to behave horribly.” Taking a page out of the rebel handbook, Charlie is determined to avenge her brother’s death and let her grief consume her actions.

The actress warns, “[Rachel and Charlie] are both in so much pain and they should be able to turn to each other. But they’re both so fractured. Charlie gets so kickass in this next part and she’s so tough and such a warrior… I think that Rachel watches [Charlie’s] humanity slip away and she’s sadden by that.”

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